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Heads of states and companies initiatives to Solve Africa’s travel barriers

Although the vision to unify Africa has been heard for long; the continent remained highly disconnected hampering travel and other economic unities that might support the continent development initiatives. Still, the continent citizens do not find it easy to travel within the continent due to price and time taking travel requirements. Tourism, being one of […]

Striking element of development and investment

Development initiatives coupled with investment promotion ideas are the focus for every country development plans particularly to those developing countries such as Ethiopia. In most developing countries new investment policy ideas are emerging pursuing a broader and more organized pro investment policies and environment. Most developing countries including Ethiopia integrated their investment policy into development […]

Lack of skilled power and the cost it has on doing business

Globally, education is famed as a vital basis for economic growth. Ethiopia, a country praised for robust economic growth to take itself out of poverty to become middle income status country, is also striving to invest on quality education. At all levels quality education results a more efficient skilled and productive working force which in […]

What Accor Hotels’ massive investment entails about Ethiopian tourism

Ethiopia has made a history, shifting the gear of its economy to industry and tourism; the two sectors are untapped. The country’s huge potential for tourism comes from its ancient historical remains, culture, and stunning natural sights which continue to attract big investments from the world’s acclaimed brands. Ethiopia had the milestone on the tourism […]

Travel Blog: Welcome to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a place for a great collection of great spots for true adventurers. It’s a destination where a dream of exceptional wonder of nature into reality. Still largely intact as a bucket list for many it surrounds incredible escapade and exploration opportunities – welcome to Ethiopia. The country depicted as Africa’s breath-taking destination, is […]

Valentine’s Day in Ethiopia; Full of Charms.

Truly now is the time to transform from the standard box of chocolates and bouquet of deep coloured red flowers. Upgrade to the classy romantic getaway that your significant other will continue to treasure for life time. If you thought Ethiopia is not a place of love and romance, think again since the country’s actual […]

Tourism Prospects looking for lucrative year for Ethiopia and the Globe

Over the years, tourism proved itself as one of the best green sectors supporting developing countries such as Ethiopia in their initiative to tackle poverty, unemployment and development setbacks. Countries sustainable program towards tourism sector created new jobs, reduce poverty and increase overall revenue from the sector. Globally, the lucrative industry generates over 3 billion […]

Travel trends to follow in 2017

With the New Year blooming with so many new dreams and ambitions taking adventurous time is a must to explore and to have a new perspective in life. Although often times we overlook the necessity of travel in life; experts in psychologists and at Jumia Travel say that it must be our vital part of […]

Mariam Tsion the Ethiopian Colorful Pilgrimage

Let your great adventures roll at Ethiopia’s religious celebrations. Immerse yourself deep into Ethiopia’s tradition and culture. Seriously, what is there not to love about Ethiopia? Truly the country is an abundance of natural and ancient extravaganza an endless maze of celebrations, wildlife parks and ancient rock hewn churches. Be sure not to miss Jumia […]

Luxurious ways of Exploring the Ethiopian Tradition

Known as the capital of Africa the second most populated nation next to Nigeria, Ethiopia is often cited as a land of bread and honey and a must visit in a lifetime. In a country which stayed true to its culture and history, there is an abundance of sights, bites and nature’s extravaganza distinctively blend […]

Smart Business Ideas to support development and job creation

Smart business ideas although not easy to come up with, it over simplify complex tasks and builds wealth. Evidently entrepreneurship and innovation must go hand in hand for it to generate economic growth. Smart business not only create jobs but also strengthen market competition and increase productivity bringing economic growth for developing countries such Ethiopia. […]

Saddique Amba Monastery Ethiopia’s ancient reserves

Ethiopian ancient monasteries are usually located in remote places far from the easily accessible locations. Most are located up in the mountains. It takes determination and love of adventure to go and explore this magnificent ancient creations. The constructions are intentionally made far out from central and main cities so that it can create peace […]

What makes Ethiopia a must see of the planet?

Although you might have heard it countless times let us remind you about the sophistication of Ethiopia that makes the country a must see of the planet. Ethiopia is truly full of wonderful and breathtaking places that you must see in lifetime says Jumia Travel. Ethiopia imbeds cultural civilization from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and […]

Critical time for Ethiopian Business Development

Ethiopia’s focus to tackle poverty once again put the country to prioritize on infrastructural development through public investments aspiring to make the country a manufacturing hub. This is expected to turn Ethiopia into a lower middle income country in the next decade growing the industrial sector by 20% average. Ethiopia’s double digit economic growth and […]

Simien Mountains Exploration like you have never had before

Taking adventures trekking at Simien Mountains is one of a great life time experiences that will be treasured. Truly anyone can have the best time of their life here at the tallest mountain famously known as the roof of Africa. Simien Mountain is full of life, exciting adventure and up close view of wildlife’s creating […]

Charming things you should know about Ethiopia before visiting

Spotted in the land of East Africa having over 80 ethnicities surrounding its glorious landscapes; Ethiopia is identified as a land of sacred and sophisticated and extreme sights. Each destination portrays extravaganza of nature and ancient treasures but it’s people who stayed true to their culture and tradition offer its own unique kind of attraction […]

What it takes for Ethiopia to realize its ambition to be ICT hub

Adequate budgeting and efficient administration takes ICT development a long way. For developing countries such as Ethiopia which has its telecommunication service under state monopoly striving to create a universal coverage has been the key mission before the country surrenders its state monopoly to the private sector through joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) initiative. […]

Glorious Beach Vacation at Langano

If there is a destination which never runs out of being an exceptional timeless destination it’s Langano. Its endless adventure offers a dream of incredible water adventure. Whether you enjoy water sport or just lying on the sand enjoying the warm sun and fresh air you will not be disappointed in the land of Hawassa. […]

Ethiopia Gearing to become Africa’s Top Tourism Spot

During the past two decades, Ethiopia’s ambitious economic initiatives to become a middle income country managed to progressively grow and develop the economy. The country has given ample focus to sectors like tourism, increasing their GDP contribution to the entire economic key factors. Addressing the country development shortfalls and poverty reduction initiatives has grabbed the […]

Holiday Season Delightful Adventures of Ethiopia

There are truly few countries on earth able to mix family and adventure at the same time making your holiday escapade never-ending. Ethiopia is the one which will never let you down meeting your African adventure to the fullest. The holiday is an ideal time of visit to enjoy the sights the bites and the […]

The Exclusive Mouthwatering Culinary Delights

Travel has boomed and advanced around the world, encouraging people to travel not only for love of destination but also for food. Certainly, food is an essential ingredient for lifestyle portraying culture, tradition, festivity, and comfort. It plays a pleasant role in everything, even becoming a reason to travel overseas. Ethiopian chefs have a long […]

Centuries Old Glorious Architectures of Ethiopia

If you are someone who is fond of history and glorious old architecture, Ethiopia has beautiful spots that will delight all your expectations. From palaces to obelisks and rock hewn churches it has an amazing ancient architecture. Checkout the beauty of the outstanding architectures of Ethiopia and the exquisite churches. Ethiopia has several destinations which […]