Togo / Tourism: bar restaurant “Manchester United” opened

The tourism landscape Togo recorded a newborn. This is the bar-restaurant “Manchester United” opened on July 15 in Lome in an environment well maintained by comedians and actors Togo renowned.
Various personalities first and foremost the Togolese Minister of Social Action and National Solidarity Mémounatou Ibrahima, responded overwhelmingly to the invitation of the management of this jewel where the initiative comes from members of the Association of Young Farmers Modern (AJAM).
By investing in this way in the tourism sector of Togo, the initiators of the bar restaurant ‘Manchester United’ agree to join forces and bring their stones in the development process in which Togo is firmly committed under the leadership of the Head of State of Togo Faure Gnassingbe Essozimna.
” This is also for players AJAM  contribute in one way or another to food self-sufficiency and by extension, the poverty reduction”, for his part, indicated in his Welcome Mr. Benjamin AWESSO Secretary General representing Mr. Max AWESSO AJAM the President of this association structure also CEO of “Manchester United”, himself a fan or admirer (according to several sources) of the “Manchester United Football Club, “an English football club based in the Trafford district near the city of Manchester in England.
It took a total fortune of 36 million FCFA as a personal investment in AJAM and support to its partners to set up such a book whose main activity is the restoration of which are proposed both African and European menus, and this cost given the financial situation of Togolese way.
It is therefore the public in all its diversity can find satisfaction in the bar restaurant “Manchester United”.
It should be remembered that a symbolic ribbon cutting by the Minister of Social Action had conditioned access to the building, allowing the public to discover and throughout its entire edifice.


“Manchester United” is presented as a whole as a complex with the work done by the architectural firm “DYNAMICS VINCI” lasted 16 months (that is to say from January 2011 to May 2012). It has several compartments in a building on two levels located in an area of 540 sqm.
Downstairs, there are a modern restaurant and bar, toilets, modern kitchen, cold room, a locker room for staff, a shop, a lobby, a 300-seat multipurpose room for conferences, entertainment and TV Live football major world championships.
Upstairs, with its tile roof and straw, there are a desk, a bar, a kitchen for grilling, a VIP lounge, a technical booth and a hut.
The complex also has a plaza with an area of 280 square meters consists of a park and a bar open.
For the record, AJAM existed for 12 years already and focus area for the agricultural sector. She has to her credit two large agricultural estates to Agbélouvé in the prefecture of Zio.
With the new generation of tractors and other agricultural machinery such as harvesters, the AJAM currently operates 250 acres of field corn, millet, yam, soy and rice.
Good luck to Manchester United for the tourism sector that radiates Togo.


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