Development of the tourist sector of Togo

Soon the classification of the hotel establishments

Togo abounds in a large number of hotel establishments which welcome visitors so national as international. Of Lomé until Cinkassé hotels and other places of rest abound, what can be considered as a good thing for the tourist development of the country. The existence of these hotel establishments palie in the lack of infrastructures that must welcome the passengers and the tourists who come and go to the discovery of Togo and its inmost depths. But then raises a problem as for the concordance enter the quality of the services offered to the customers and the prices practised by the upholders of hotels, restaurants and bars. What took the government to be thought of the ratification and the classification of the hotel establishments and the travel agencies of Togo.

It was given to notice that every responsible for hotel, for inn, for restaurants and for bar in Togo set the price which pleases him(her) according to the objectives which he pursues. A situation which is similar to the anarchy in the Togolese tourist sector. It is what the government decided to end. To be made, an interministerial Committeewas organized to the Council of the Minister to approve hotels and Travel agency. The Committee placed under the supervision of the ministry of the tourism started its mission on November 07th of this year with the official launch of the Classification of the hotel Establishments. A mission which is going to consist for the interministerial committeeto clean up the tourist sector by making a control with regard to the quality of offered services and to succeed in endowing the hotels of a real capacity to welcome better the visitors.

It is about the ratification of hotels, inns, restaurants, bars, etc. according to three ( 3 ) types(chaps) of standards to be known about physical standards which take into account the construction of the hotel, the site on which the establishment is built; quantitative standards bound(connected) to the quantity of the various materials(equipments) (rooms(chambers), beds, sheets, etc.) for a good service(performance) and finally qualitative standards which go of the safety(security) of the customers and their properties(goods), the qualification of the employees in particular. It is after this control that the Committee is going to establish a clear classification of the hotel establishments, the restaurants and the bars of Togo and we shall know from now on if the various hotel establishments, the bars and the restaurants which we visit are of one, two three, four or five stars.  ” The classification of the hotel establishments and the travel agencies is going to allow to arrive at a more interesting and more honorable service. The prices have to be in accordance with the offered services and with the category of hotels and restaurants “, declared Minister Christophe Tchao of the tourism.

After the inspection of these various places, he will be meant to the persons in charge, the problems to be settled so that such hotel or restaurant is classified in such or such category according to mister Anaté Sourou, the Director of the tourist and member Development of the Committee. A time will be given to the not corresponding hotel establishments to settle. In which case, they will be closed by the government. For the occasion, a simulation of control and ratification was made for the Hotel.


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