Mpulungu Port and Corridors as a gateway to East, Central and Southern Africa (Zambia Business Symposium)

MPULUNGU PORT in Zambia to be transformed. This is the theme of the forth coming Southern Africa-Zambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SAZACCI) Symposium to be held in South Africa soon on 29 July at Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton. Evance Chanda, SAZACCI Executive Director has stated in a press release.

The Symposium’s main speakers will include Mpulungu Port Top District Officials who will enlighten the audience on some of the details contained in the 2013 District Development’s Mission Statement Strategy.

Mpulungu District face-lift and harbour modernization is part of the Africa Development Bank’s ( AfDB ) multi-billion US dollar strategy to develop Mpulungu Port aimed at bringing the port’s trade into a greater regional integration between countries that share Lake Tanganyika.

According to the Zambia Daily Mail (2013), Zambia stood to benefit from the development of the Lake Tanganyika Transport Corridor which will create a gateway to Congo( DR ), Burundi, Tanzania and the East/Central Africa’s Great Lakes Region. Africa Development Bank is already carrying out the project feasibility studies.

In a personal interview with the Zambia Daily Mail, Zambia’s AfDB Director Fredie Kwesiga confirmed that, the Bank was already undertaking feasibility study of modernization of Mpulungu Port on Lake Tanganyika as part of the Lake passageway.

The Lake Tanganyika Transport Corridor Project will link Zambia with the Kigoma Port Town in Tanzania, Bujumbura Port in Burundi and The Lakeside City of Kalemie Port in Congo( DR ). Kigoma is the railhead from Daresaalam in Tanzania, while Kalemie is the terminus for the Congo( DR ) rail network.

Meanwhile, a proposed Mpulungu Port railway will connect with Tanzania/Zambia Railway( TAZARA ) at Nseluka near the Kasama, the Northern Region Capital.

“We are helping Zambia and her neighbours develop transport corridors to assist these countries in the region to trade freely and efficiently, Kwesiga once remarked, adding that, the corridor goes on to link Mpulungu Port at Lake Tanganyika’s tip on the Zambian side and a number of other lakeside town in Tanzania.

The Africa Development Bank seeks to promote the free movement of goods and services, capital, and people by reducing barriers between countries and harmonizing economic and financial policies. Kwesiga also acknowledged that the Bank has supported the establishment of corridors in the Southern African Region and will continue to do so in order to strengthen trade ties in the region through efficient and relieable transport routes.

The SAZACCI Symposium will also discuss the connections and benefits other regional trade routes corridors will bring to Mpulungu District. Mpulungu Port will play a major vital trade link role between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean connection as well as The Cape Town to Cairo rail/road and water transport connections through the Rift Valley Great Lakes.

The other seven transport corridors in the Southern and Eastern Africa Regions according to the AfDB include the Southern corridor, Maputo corridor, Walvis Bay corridor, Beira corridor, Lobito corridor, TAZARA corridor and Nacala corridor all of which will be linked to Mpulungu Port.

Once all these projects are in place, Mpulungu District, Zambia at large as well as Eastern, Central, and Southern Regions in general will benefit socially and economically and greatly contribute to the poverty reduction by 2030 target.

Zambia Business Symposium NEW Mpulungu (Flyer, Acrobat Reader, 1.6Mb, .pdf)

An Overview of Evance Chanda:

Founder & Executive Director of Southern Africa Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAZACCI)

He is the founder and CEO of Southern Africa Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAZACCI). His is also the Managing Director and founder of the Zambia Investor Magazine which is a quarterly publication, whose objective is to promote  Zambia and SADC as a Regional Economic Block. Evance has hosted various business forums both in Zambia and South Africa and works towards the promotion of the African Continent as a whole.

Evance is committed towards the promotion of Zambia, as a private consultant and strategic adviser in Africa and the Emerging Markets. He is a specialist in promoting trade and investment in Zambia and SADC region. He has dedicated 3 years working towards promoting Zambia in all major Sectors through Investment Business Forums and trade missions.

He spent 4 years in Motor Trade and consultancy in South Africa.  He has vast experience in sourcing products and setting up business linkages. He is the former Administration and Marketing Manager for SkyNet Wordwide Express in Ndola Zambia. He is also the Managing Director of SAZACC Consulting. His customer base of clients is made up of large businesses that have capacity, skills and financial resources to grow into the African continent.


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