How can barcodes help your small business? The Benefits explored:

When you think of barcodes, the first thing that springs to mind is probably shopping at a big supermarket. I bet you didn’t know that barcodes can actually be an invaluable asset to any business, big or small? This is because, while huge warehouse establishments have successfully implemented barcoding systems for years, it was only recently that this technology became a feasible option for businesses on the smaller side. Nowadays it doesn’t matter what the size of your business is, a barcoding system improves precision and makes inventory management systems more efficient and speedier. Buying barcodes in South Africa has never been easier!

Here are 5 benefits of introducing a barcode scanning system into your small business and exactly how it can help you thrive.

5 benefits of a barcoding system:

  1. Customers can be checked out quickly and easily:

Using barcodes in your small business means that your customers do not have to stand at the till for ages while your staff manually input the information of each product they buy into your system. This has 2 benefits; the first is that you can check individual customers out far quicker – and thus can attend to more customers and increase productivity and income. The second benefit is that your customers will view your business as professional and efficient and are more likely to come back again, which will also increase productivity and income. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions!

  1. Inventory can be tracked easily:

One of the biggest perks to installing a barcode scanning system in your business is that it is simple. The simplicity of this system is a benefit that aids in the ease of monitoring your businesses inventory level. Constructive inventory monitoring practices also help you save time so that you can focus your energy on other more important parts of your business!

  1. Information about different products can be changed in a matter of seconds:

Yet another way using barcodes can save you time! Let’s think of a practical example: imagine you do not use barcodes and instead adhere price tags directly on your products. Imagine how long it would take you to update these prices if they increase or decrease? A barcode scanning system means you will rather be able to display the prices of your products on shelves and use barcodes to communicate the pricing information to the computer. This means that information like pricing can be changed in the drop of a hat! Rather than having to change every individual price tag on each product, you could just change the price on the shelf and update the information on your computer.

  1. You will save money:

The initial price of installing a system is not that expensive anymore thanks to local businesses selling South African barcodes. You can monitor and control stock, which means you will never overorder and waste money on inventory that you do not need. More accurate assessments of data can help you reassess your overall expenses and cut down where necessary. Miscalculating your inventory could end up costing your business huge amounts of money – a barcoding system avoids this completely. Not only will you be saving money through better stock control but your operational costs will be greatly reduced too. Using barcodes means you will not have to pay as many staff members to carry out the same tasks that a computer system now can. Imagine the money you will save on wages!

  1. Errors will be eliminated:

Reduction of errors is probably the most important reason that should drive any business to implement barcodes. Adopting barcodes negates against the possibility of a mistake in recording information manually because even the most skilled typist will make some errors, that is human nature. Over time these mistakes build up and are bound to cost a business money. Using a computer operated system for data recollection will mean the chance of human error is not just reduced but completely removed. It means that the only task your employees have to do is scan the barcode and all the other work will be done for them – simple, effortless and mistake free!

Businesses are like sailboats; you need all the right parts for the boat to float and travel with ease. If you take the sails off of the boat, eventually your boat will capsize. Deciding not to implement a barcode scanning system will be like removing the sails off your boat. You will not be able to keep up with your business and will end up wasting huge amounts of money. There is one easy and not at all showy way of avoiding this headache – contacting your local barcode generator and installing your own system. Don’t delay, get one today!

By Nicole Ferrar