How Neutrino Energy Will Prevent Future Inflation and Economic Collapse

Neutrino Energy

Congress recently approved an enormous stimulus package to prevent economic collapse at both the small business and corporate level, and major American Airlines just confirmed that they will partake of this “free” federal funding. Since the United States government is more than $20 trillion in debt, the money for the stimulus was, of course, printed out of thin air.

Printing free money is a practice that rapidly transforms republics into third world countries. We need only the examples of Zimbabwe and Venezuela to remind us of the horrors of unrestricted fiscal policies run amok.

At its core, our current fiat-currency system is based on the scarcity of oil. With the neutrino power devices proposed by the Neutrino Energy Group, energy scarcity would be the first barbaric practice of enslavement to disappear from the face of the Earth.

Money based on nothing

The existing economic model is based on endless spending and endless consumption. Such a reckless attitude can only exist in the presence of an overwhelmingly powerful resource, and in this case, that resource is oil. Due to the incredible short-term gains that oil provides, the entire world has gone entirely money-mad.

After the Nixon administration removed the United States from the gold standard, the world shifted to the “petrodollar,” a vague concept based on the price of crude oil. Despite the endless assurances of professional economists to the contrary, the petrodollar isn’t actually based on anything.

Resource scarcity is key

In the end, the only force propping up the validity of the petrodollar is the scarcity of oil. If oil were supplanted by a truly limitless and free source of energy, the existing economic system would have no choice but to make way for something better.

Resource scarcity, in general, remains the main driving force behind the world economy. By taking certain products and artificially limiting their supply, consumers are forced to pay a certain amount for goods that may or may not be worth the value paid. The same basic principle is behind the phenomenon of planned obsolescence, which forces consumers to buy products that fail by design after a few years.

Neutrinos are the solution

Since the means of energy production are currently limited, the world remains trapped in a fever dream of ever-increasing profit with very few returns for the average resident of planet Earth. If the petrodollar were to be removed, both energy and goods would flow with absolute freedom.

How neutrino power paves the way

Renewable energy will one day overtake oil, and thanks to the efforts of Holger Thorsten Schubart and the Neutrino Energy Group, that day is approaching faster than ever. Neutrino energy would break the wheel of perpetual profit and planned obsolescence, making it critical to support the utopian dreams of these brilliant scientists.

Source: Neutrino Energy