Telemedicine in Africa as a concrete way to solve some problems

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Tools for innovation: mobile applications, medical specialized websites for medical personnel, scientists, and for educating people in the field of medicine, crowdfunding fundraising campaigns, mobile medical cars and other innovations

The use of telemedicine can greatly help in solving the problems of medicine in African countries. The creation of special telemedicine websites within a specific country and a single telemedicine portal on the African continent will help the development of medicine and the solution of problems in this area. Thanks to this, an exchange of experience will be carried out between doctors, scientists both in a particular country and throughout the African continent.

Joint remote conferences will create a plan for the development of medicine based on a real understanding of all the problems in this area.

This means that having a computer (smartphone, tablet) with a webcam and the Internet, a person can go to a special medical site (mobile application), make an appointment with a doctor and consult with him online. For example, you can read an article on this topic: “The rapid development of telemedicine in the United Arab Emirates: The Okadoc electronic platform provides patients with instant access to doctors from home and payment for services online.” 

This, of course, will not solve the existing problems in Africa but will help to solve them.

Doctors’ assistants and nurses can improve their education through distance learning and online consultations with doctors.

This will help the development of information technology and the development of education, and, consequently, improve the lives of the population.

Coronavirus showed that both the rich and the poor are sick. Therefore, it is necessary to create new medical centers, modernize existing clinics, buy the necessary hardware and information software.

Sick people will not be able to produce products. You need to think about the economy.

But each person should observe all measures possible so as not to infect himself and others. You can’t be careless.

The care of company managers about the health of employees is necessary since a sick person will not bring profit. A company that wants to be competitive must have a friendly and professional team of employees who will create new products and services and successfully sell them. Dissatisfied and disinterested in the work of employees will not give all their strength to the company.

Governments should strengthen measures to promote medicine and promote healthy lifestyles. This will positively affect the development of the economy.

Combating unsanitary conditions is essential. You can’t live in the mud. From this, diseases arise. Therefore, even living in poverty, you need to be clean all the garbage.

Creating mobile medical cars that will be equipped with the necessary computer equipment will help people living in areas and villages where there are serious problems with access to medical services.

For the development of telemedicine, money is needed and it is clear that it is not so easy to find. Therefore, in my opinion, usually international organizations allocate the necessary funds for specific programs in the field of telemedicine. All program costs should be open and published in print and electronic press in the countries where they were spent.

In addition, you can launch crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for the development of telemedicine in a specific city, region, country. To do this, write this project and publish it on the electronic crowdfunding platform and publish information about it in local media.

People must come together and help each other. Crowdfunding venues are a good tool for solving problems, turning published ideas into new innovative projects. This all develops us and positively affects the quality of our lives.

We live now and here, so we must think about the best and do everything well so that the best is available to us.

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