XION CYBERX: e-Bike of the Future

The world is going through a transition. Technology is advancing every day with newer, better and more efficient techs replacing the old ones. To decrease pressure on the use of carbon-based fuels, new alternatives are emerging that use safe and renewable energy like electricity. The hype for electric cars tore the roof ever since tesla released their first, the Roadster. And what’s not to hype about! Electric cars are more efficient than traditional vehicles. However, not everyone owns a car, nor do they want to. That’s where the XION CyberX comes in.

The XION CyberX looks like it came straight out of a futuristic sci-fi game. It was inspired by the theme of the infamous game Cyberpunk 2077, so that makes sense. CyberX is a fully customizable e-bike with cool laser printed side panels, vibrant LED lightings, dual hydraulic brakes, full suspension, extended two-person seat and big off-road tires. Quality, style and performance; these three characteristics were kept in mind while making the CyberX. It was made to be different.

The CyberX is powered with the high-efficient 750-watt Mid-Drive motor that is combined with the pedal assembly. The 72V battery that it comes with, hidden between the customizable acrylic plates, gives you a range of about 75 miles without any pedal assist. However, that range can be stretched up to 100 miles with pedaling.

The CyberX can go from 0 to 30 in just a mere 4 seconds. Equipped with two different driving modes, this bike can reach up to a speed of 50mph. The Street Mode consumes 750 watts and gives a top speed of 28mph with 75 miles range. The Race Mode, on the other hand, consumes about 5000 watts, gives 50 miles max range and reaches up to 50 mph. The interesting thing is, you technically don’t need a license to drive the CyberX as it still operates under 28 mph.

The CyberX has a tough built. It weighs about 165 lbs (75 kg) and can carry up to 500 lbs. The frame is made of steel and 4130 Chromoly steel that gives it the strength to withstand almost anything. Moreover, the body is coated with a rust and weather-resistant powder to increase its durability.

The CyberX is built in such a way that it doesn’t need any maintenance. There are no clutches, no gears to work with and a belt-drive system is used instead of the standard chains. This reduces the need for maintenance to zero. Go off-road, drive of mountains and wipe it clean after you’re done, it’s that simple. Its fully customizable feature gives you the ability to build your own unique CyberX.

The CyberX comes with a lot more features built into it. It has an LCD display to show you all the essentials. A Bluetooth speaker to make your rides more enjoyable. A phone holder accompanied by a USB charging port to charge your phone on the go.

The XION CyberX comes with everything a rider wants and many more. The customizability allows you to imprint your imagination on the bike and makes it more personal. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, going off-road or being reckless with it. The efficiency, durability, quality, power and style that it provides is unbeatable. Overall, there’s not another deal out in the market that’s better than this.

Source: https://igg.me/at/xionbike-cyberx/x#/