Do You Want To Improve Your Google Ad Results?

No matter how good you do at Google Ads, it always helps to do a bit better, right? While it sounds easy to execute a successful Google Ad campaign, it can be challenging.

If you don’t do your homework and structure your account well, it’s possible to waste your ad budget and indirectly help your competition by boosting their CTR. 

But there are ways to improve your Google Ad results quickly.

Boost Quality Score

One of the things that skilled Google Ad professionals focus on first is improving the client’s quality score. If you don’t know what a quality score is, this is where you need to start your Google Ad education. 

Ads that have the highest quality scores get better rankings, cost you less, and usually have a higher CTR. 

There are many things that affect the quality score. Some include how relevant the landing page is for the ad, how good your ad copy is, whether the keyword is in the headline, and much more. 

Some tips that Google offers to improve your quality score are: 

  • Enhance your ad test so that it makes a more compelling pitch to the audience. 
  • Make sure the details in your ad dovetail with the ideas behind the keywords. 
  • Stress a unique benefit with your product, such as free two-day shipping. 
  • Try several calls to action that are related to what is on your landing page. 
  • Be as specific as possible in the ad text. 

Use Smart Bidding

Google Ads now has automation. This is usually helpful because Google will automatically select when advertisements show up. The idea behind automation is to only put your ads in an auction where you are most likely to garner clicks. 

Entering the most precise and productive auctions means you will probably get better CTRs. 

Also, it helps manage your time because you don’t need to go through the manual bidding process constantly. 

Are You At KAL Nirvana? 

This means you are getting as much as possible from your keyword ads and landing pages. The keywords match your advertisements and they also match the landing page. 

You need to be sure you have keywords in the headlines and the copy in the ads relates to the copy on the landing page. If you do these things, you should see clicks and conversions. 

Write New Ad Copy 

Always try to view your ads from the perspective of someone who is looking for something you sell but may not know you. 

If the ad copy in the ad is dull or doesn’t engage the viewer, it’s unlikely they will click to your website. Even if you are 100% dead-on with KAL alignment, you won’t always get the click. 

So, provide your audience with a compelling reason to click to your site. Use benefit statements that tell the user how going to your landing page will solve one of their problems. 

Also, make sure the ad copy answers their most common questions. 

Try Other Platforms

The purpose here is to maximize your ROI with Google Ads, but sometimes, you might consider another platform. Google is incredible but it doesn’t suit every company and industry. 

For example, if you run a local design firm, you could find Google costs too much for your ads. But Instagram may let you show your skills and merchandise affordably to others in your area. 

Now you know how to get more out of your Google Ad campaigns, so your company should be more successful.