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FinTech is Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa

Due to their potent blend of trail‐blazing technology and disruptive innovation, FinTech players have the ability to accelerate the digital transformation of financial services in Africa and, in turn, further spur incumbent banks to rapidly ramp‐up their own innovation initiatives to meet the financial needs of under‐served markets across the continent. August 2017, Addis Ababa, […]

FinTech and the Positive Transformation of Banking in Africa

The impact of Blockchain, Open Banking, Mobile Money and Payments innovation are radically transforming the financial services landscape as FinTech disruptors intensify the challenge to Incumbent Banks in Africa and kickstart new opportunities The unique environment for financial services in Africa is fertile ground for innovative FinTech players who are capitalising on the opportunities to […]

Consolidation of the fintech ecosystem in Africa, Good or Bad?

‘Mobile money’ used to be a catch-all phrase, describing everything from consumer wallets to building agent networks, lending, and international remittances. However, African fintech has gradually matured into an industry with specialist roles, and more players in the market every year. This shift has seen more companies take on niche roles. This makes strong partnerships […]

Vital Things to Consider While Finding a Broker and Opening Forex Trading Account

forex trading

The foreign exchange market or forex market is a global market for trading currencies. This market decides the exchange rates for individual currencies in the international market. The forex broker is the type of person that can help you in this exchange service. The market for foreign exchange is so competitive that a normal individual […]