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Championing Innovation, Inclusivity, and Sustainability in Air Travel

Air travel is far more than merely transporting people from one destination to another; it’s about the magic that happens in between and the reason for the journey itself. Whether it’s reuniting with family, making those bucket list dreams come true, or soaking in new cultures, air travel is all about those unforgettable moments.

d.light closes new USD$176 million securitization facility for affordable off-grid solar in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Off-grid solar provider d.light and impact investor African Frontier Capital partner on new financing to support consumer loans for solar and high efficiency appliances in East Africa

FORTIS X has launched Africa’s first biodegradable and recyclable plant-based packaging

In light of Plastic Free July®, Fortis X has launched Africa’s first biodegradable and recyclable plant-based packaging, providing a crucial alternative to single-use plastics. Given the pressing issue of plastic waste in South Africa, where only 10% of the 122 million tons of annual waste is recycled, Fortis X’s innovation offers a beacon of hope. Nicholas De Beer, Director of Fortis X, emphasises that their sugarcane-derived biopolymer bottles represent a significant step toward mitigating plastic pollution and its detrimental impacts on our environment and health. In addition to offering an eco-friendly alternative for various products, Fortis X’s plant-based bottles have already garnered support from notable brands like SOGA Organic®, BOS Ice Tea, and Omnia Natura. Moreover, recycling plastic water bottles can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours, highlighting the broader benefits of embracing sustainable packaging solutions.

MMH & Partners Africa develops three-tiered response plan to eradicate & prevent continued spread of mpox virus in SA

The executive leadership team of MMH & Partners Africa can officially confirm that the local healthcare consultancy has developed a three-tiered response plan to eradicate and prevent the continued spread of the mpox virus in South Africa. 

Digital innovation agency Specno launches Johannesburg’s very first Founders Den event for young founders, investors & tech enthusiasts

Specno is excited to confirm the announcement that its bi-annual Founders Den event will be taking place in Johannesburg later this month. The gathering, which usually takes place in Cape Town, aims to shape the future of business in South Africa, by bringing together a number of visionary entrepreneurs, tech industry leaders, and investors. 

Africas #1 Web3 startup, Momint, secures $50,000 grant from DFINITY Foundation: local startup positions itself for further global expansion

Momint, Africa’s leading Web3 platform based in South Africa, has secured a $50,000 grant from the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization known for having the largest blockchain R&D team globally.


In solidarity with the anti-nuclear power movement in Kenya where a proposed nuclear power station is set to be built within the next decade, eco-justice organisations from South Africa and Russia are on a visit to the Republic of Kenya to share insights and learnings, from their experiences of living with nuclear energy, in their respective countries and opposing nuclear as civil society. The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, both from South Africa – where the Minister of Energy and Electricity recently announced that the procurement of 2500MW of new nuclear power was “at an advanced stage” – and Ecodefense from Russia, and Right Livelihood Awards are meeting Kenyan civil society at the proposed site in Kilifi, to stand together in opposition of any new nuclear stations in Africa.

Navigating Flood Risks, Adaptation Strategies, and the Role of Climate Finance in Building Resilience

In recent times, the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have escalated, posing significant challenges across the globe. In many regions, relentless rains have led to catastrophic flooding, disrupting lives and livelihoods.

Fintech’s transformative potential: Empower customers through self-education

The most powerful thing a fintech can do is enable its customers to educate themselves. Mukuru, a leading next-generation financial services provider, started out as a remittance company but has evolved into a platform with a suite of different financial products and services. Mukuru CEO, Andy Jury, says that formalised financial education obviously plays a crucial role in a fintech’s business, but customers that trust and repeatedly use a new product or service, such as a digital store of money, go through a natural learning process and are then more comfortable being exposed to more sophisticated products.

Xprizo enhances fintech platform with iOS launch

Xprizo, a cutting-edge iGaming fintech platform, has amplified its global reach with the launch of its iOS app. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth and development as a fintech platform serving the underbanked and unbanked demographics. 

Ethel Kuuya: Visionary Leader, Founder, Author and CEO of Advisory Kulture

Ethel Kuuya: Visionary Leader, Founder, Author and CEO of Advisory Kulture.

As an influential leader, Ethel presents a visionary philosophy that can inspire the next generation. Her transformative approach sets a new standard for leadership, which is crucial for nurturing future leaders. Her consulting firm, Advisory Kulture, offers successful leadership training that has been effective across various sectors.

Namibia’s Largest Oil and Gas Conference Returns in August

Building on the success of its first edition, and in response to calls for a follow-up conference, the Namibia Oil and Gas Conference has confirmed it will return to Windhoek from 20-22 August 2024.

Twiva Awarded in Categories; Top Rising Star and Best Online Social Commerce

Twiva Ltd, Kenya’s pioneering AI-driven and influencer-powered social commerce platform, is celebrating a significant milestone after winning two prestigious accolades at the Kenya E-commerce Awards held at the Movenpick Hotel. Twiva proudly announces its victories in the E-commerce awards, bagging at 1st place, the Top Rising Star, Ecommerce Award and at first runner-up position, for the Best Social Commerce Platform; categories.