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NFTs to revolutionise the way creatives can create an income in the digital world

Non-fungible tokens – or NFTs – could help South African creatives better control the rights to their intellectual property, give them access to a broader market and improve their earnings. This is according to John Singh, non-executive director of the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) and chair of the IITPSA Blockchain Special […]

Which digital content expert is right for your company?

By Tessa-Kate Davel, UX Writer, Strider Building a digital team continues to be a challenge for most companies, which remain mired in a traditional analogue mindset. Job titles including terms like ‘User Experience’ or ‘Conversation Designer’ are largely foreign to sales, marketing and, indeed, HR teams – with more conventional titles. But the world is […]

Smart Cities: The Solution to Africa’s Upward Urbanisation Trend

African Smart Cities Summit

Technical Leapfrogging could Position African Cities for Sustainable, Smart Growth Africa’s urban population is booming. At 3.5% per year[1], the continent’s urban growth rate is the highest in the developing world over the last twenty years. Within the next twenty, research suggests that every second person in Africa will live in a town or a […]

From criminal enterprise to big business: The evolution of ransomware reaches new, dangerous levels of sophistication

Once a niche criminal enterprise, ransomware has become big business, complete with R&D departments and sales and marketing divisions. The deeply layered onion that is today’s ransomware attack landscape has been wreaking havoc in large enterprises in South Africa and across the globe. Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA Cybersecurity, says it only takes two hours to […]

New Technologies to Enhance Customer Engagement

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been the catalyst to drive broad-based digitisation and spearhead the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This digital revolution is reshaping consumer behaviour and creating opportunities for innovative new digital communications tools to attract and drive greater customer engagement.  Across industries – corporate, finance, retail, technology, healthcare, education, and others – today’s […]

Lawyers across Africa comment on the continent’s urgent need for data privacy and security law

The pandemic has driven home the high value of personal data to the global economy, while also highlighting its vulnerability to abuse and attack. In response, governments around the world, including those in Africa, have been reviewing their data privacy and protection laws and regulations to ensure they are adequately protected. Lawyers in Ghana, Kenya, […]

Tony Houldsworth joins Omnisient Advisory Board

Technology industry veteran and Group President of Flooid – a leading unified commerce platform for the retail and hospitality sectors – joins Omnisient’s Advisory Board to support and accelerate international expansion plans.  Omnisient, Africa’s privacy compliant data collaboration platform, welcomes Tony Houldsworth as member of its Advisory Board.  Tony has consistently been at the forefront […]

Paramount Group Mbombe 4 Secures Orders From 5 Countries

Next-Generation Mbombe 4, Manufactured On Two Continents, Selected By Five Armed Forces Globally, With 150+ Vehicles In Production Or On-Order Johannesburg, March 23,  2022 – Paramount Group, the global aerospace and technology company, announced that its Mbombe 4 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), has been selected by five sovereign nations to equip their armed forces with the most […]

How biometric authentication is creating safer, seamless digital experiences

Consumer adoption of remote biometric authentication soars In a connected world, necessary safety measures like biometric authentication don’t need to be implemented at the expense of a seamless digital experience, says Gur Geva, Co-Founder and CEO at iiDENTIFii – leader in remote biometric authentication and automated onboarding. As more products and services move online, the way customers […]

TransUnion South Africa battling to retrieve personal records after hack

On 17 March, ITWeb reported that credit bureau, TransUnion South Africa, is currently in an ongoing battle with a hacker group that is demanding a $15 million (R223 million) ransom over four terabytes of compromised data. The hacker group, going by the name N4aughtysecTU, which claims to hail from Brazil, is alleging it breached TransUnion […]

Five ways CRM can help your sales team close more deals

how to use crm

When you give your sales team the right tools to effectively and efficiently manage clients and build a relationship with them, you positively impact your bottom line. 1Stream’s smart CRM is specifically designed to do just that and has helped transform organisations across various sectors in Southern Africa, which understand the value of building meaningful connections with […]

Paramount Group Expands Mwari Border Security Role With Advanced Anti-Drone Technologies

Paramount Group, the global aerospace and technology company, announced today that its multi-mission, Mwari aerial platform has been equipped with advanced anti-drone technologies, enabling the deployment of the aircraft as an effective hunter and killer of Medium Altitude and Long Endurance Drones (MALEs). The clean-sheet designed Mwari is the next evolution in ‘Find, Fix & […]

ESET Threat Report: Ransomware and password guessing top cybersecurity threats

Ransomware surpassed the worst expectations in 2021, with attacks against critical infrastructure, outrageous ransom demands and over USD 5 billion worth of potential bitcoin transactions in the first half of the year alone. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) attack numbers from the last weeks of T3 2021 broke all previous records, amounting to a staggering yearly […]

Proptech Trends Set To Dominate in 2022

By Gil Sperling & Daniel Levy, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Flow 2022 is proptech’s year. So many other industries have seen massive disruption with the introduction of tech, drawing huge investment and becoming mainstream, replacing legacy players. Proptech has been growing steadily around the world as more capital has flowed into startups in the space and, […]

Paramount Group Appoints Steve Griessel as Group Chief Executive Officer

Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates. 25 January 2022 – Paramount Group, the global aerospace and technology company, announced today that it has appointed Steve Griessel as its Group Chief Executive Officer. South African-born Griessel, a global business executive who served as CEO of several companies in South Africa and the United States, including two public companies, brings more […]

Afrikrea Secures US$6.2M in pre-Series A Round and Rebrands to “ANKA” to Export Africa

Leading Ivorian e-commerce company closes oversubscribed round to scale its mobile product suite across multiple retail channels 11 January, 2022. Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire – Afrikrea, the e-commerce platform for “all things made of Africa”, has announced the successful completion of a US$6.2M pre-Series A round led by Investisseurs & Partenaires and the rebrand to “ANKA”, […]

HUAWEI MateBook B Series improves PC security in the work-from-home era

The international shift to working from home that COVID-19 precipitated is probably here to stay. Businesses both locally and abroad believe that a hybrid model is more likely to be their modus operandi in the future, rather than a full-time return to the office. The benefits of remote working have just been too stark and, as Omicron has shown us, the pandemic isn’t […]

Payment fraud – top five scams to look out for

The truth is, all businesses are at risk of being scammed at some point, and just one incident can cost a company millions of Rand. Ryan Mer, CEO, eftsure Africa, a Know Your Payee™ (KYP) platform provider, says that fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and attack corporate payment systems and it’s […]

7 Steps For A Successful Box To Microsoft 365 Migration

Shifting from Box to Office or Microsoft 365 is the new trend for many start-ups and medium-sized companies. So, as the action manager of your firm, you should know the right ways to jump on this bandwagon. The new trend of Box to Microsoft 365 migration is highly reliable and easy.  7 Steps For Successful […]

Tapping into Africa’s fast-growing consumer market: Insights backed by technology

Connecting African consumers to companies like Uber and Diageo through cutting-edge consumer insights With household consumption and urbanization increasing on the continent, Africa represents a veritable gold mine for companies looking to expand their markets. But this market remains largely untapped because companies rely on traditional methods to gather essential and valuable consumer insights, market research, […]

How 2021 has shaped the future of IT

Everyone, from software developers to school children, watched in awe as the world rapidly shifted online during the past two years. In fact, COVID has accelerated digital transformation by seven years, says Marilyn Moodley, Country Leader for South Africa and West, East, Central Africa at SoftwareONE. “This has changed, and will continue to shape, the […]