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Payroll fraud: a serious threat to your business’s sustainability

Payroll is one of the largest expenses for Small & Medium Businesses and larger enterprises in West Africa, yet many organisations are neglecting the importance of managing the risk of fraud in this area of the business. read more

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Researchers Must Focus on African Businesses to Boost Economy

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South Africa equity market not saved from pre-Brexit vote fallout

By Nosibusiso Ngqondoyi, Head of Research, Novare read more

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The Green Mountain of Debre Birhan

The gorgeous greener small town in Northern Shoa of Ethiopia, Debre Birhan found 130Km from Addis Ababa. This oldest town in Ethiopia was erected by King Zera Yacob in 14th century. In this small village, the hills are alive and greener with enchanting views and plenty of things to do. As experts in travel, Africa’s leading online hotel company Jovago shows you the gratification you can get after visiting this unique destination of Ethiopia which lures visitors all year-round. read more

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Diaspora supporting the Ethiopian Economy

Endearing the interest of the diaspora community Ethiopia started to generate its foreign currency from its own citizen’s investment who went abroad for work and education. read more

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World Telecom Labs Unveils Findings of 2016’s Only Survey about African Universal Service Funds

World Telecom Labs (WTL) (http://www.WTL.be) today unveiled the findings of its recent survey about the management and rollout of voice and/or data deployments in Africa that have been financed by Universal Service Funds (USF). read more

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There Is an Immediate Solution to Sub-Saharan Africa’s Power Challenges

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June FOB prices for cement and clinker increase 4%+ in Mediterranean Basin

Med Basin FOB prices for prompt deliveries of bulk ordinary Portland cement registered a 4.4 percent increase MoM, according to the CW Research’s June update to Mediterranean Basin cement and clinker prompt delivery cargo price assessment. Export prices for bulk ordinary grade clinker increased by a similar rate, 4.9 percent MoM. read more

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