The Green Mountain of Debre Birhan

The gorgeous greener small town in Northern Shoa of Ethiopia, Debre Birhan found 130Km from Addis Ababa. This oldest town in Ethiopia was erected by King Zera Yacob in 14th century. In this small village, the hills are alive and greener with enchanting views and plenty of things to do. As experts in travel, Africa’s leading online hotel company Jovago shows you the gratification you can get after visiting this unique destination of Ethiopia which lures visitors all year-round.

The first image the mountain town brings to mind is usually a scene of the green hills verity with quaint houses tucked beneath the high mountains. As the weather heats up, there’s no best time to climb up to the hills enjoying fresher and cool breezes of the air. Head for the hills, the cool mountain town is filled with outdoor adventures, great food and exclusive local fashion offering you the best of the place which was the capital city of Ethiopia before Ankober and Angolalla. The splendor in the towns isn’t the only natural landscape you would enjoy, the communities who kept their culture and tradition for centuries way of life truly takes you back to the 14th century.

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous landscape to hike up the green slopes or revel in the scenery this town surely brings you the best escaped fitting into the smallest bill. It houses several interesting and famed religious architectures including Selassie Church. In town you’ll find a number of art galleries printed in church walls. The walls illustrate biblical scenes and saints while the ceiling is covered with the faces of hundreds of angels. Inside the church there is a curtained window at the second story where the late kings used to observe church ceremonies.

Visitors can also treat themselves at the local restaurants located right in the middle of town while marveling at the jaw-dropping scenery.  Debre Birhan (monastery of light) is named after the historical light which sparkled from the mountains. The place famous for local liquor drink called areki, interior art, mixed serial called kolo, several mouthwatering dishes and bread, absolutely tops the competition as no mountain town in the country offers the stunning unique culture and outdoor escapade.

Near this stunning green ecosystem you will find Ankober which mountain rises of 2,500m high. Here you are not just trekking at the breathtaking landscapes but also you will get up-close view of several endemic birds. Its former palace hill makes the enormous scenery of the Rift Valley that stretch from the Red Sea to all the way to the plains of Afar Region.

The public welcoming hospitality and politeness will make you feel at home while you discover the town spectacular natures and culture. The locals love to dance and sing. Do not miss out on the local azemari bet where the amazing local vocalists generate exclusive lyrics for everyone adding charm to your night outs. Your guide can translate the appreciative poems just made for you.  Just be cautious about this, the place gets cold at night, do not forget to tuck your suitcase with warm closings.

By Eden Sahle

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