It is hard to keep up with the rapid pace of the global surveillance market. Technology is driven by market demands and the advances made in open source capabilities have paved the way for innovation in surveillance and security solutions. Security technology professionals, JIST, note that more and more solutions rely on open source technology to offer greater return on investment.


Michael Gelderbloem of JIST says, “A significant benefit derived from open source solutions is the absence of expensive license fees. A large portion of our solutions rely on open source technology, however, it is the integration of the solutions with this technology that adds value for clients. On its own, open source technology provides a flexible platform to design highly competitive solutions. This technology enables seamless integration of hardware, software and other resources to deliver a tailored solution that conforms to specific demands.”


In the case of surveillance technology, open source offers building owners and managers the ideal opportunity for a streamlined, effective, flexible and customised surveillance solution that can evolve as security demands change. This is critical considering the cost of technology, maintenance and resources required to provide a highly effective system. By having a system that can adapt and evolve as needs change, future spend is curtailed to the bare minimum.


Michael continues, “Open source implies shared coding and it is precisely this collaboration that determines the effectiveness of improved software resulting from it. Highly competitive solutions can bederived from the use of open source technology providing faster and more cost-effective options for clients.”


Open source development allows for a significantly faster delivery to market than conventional software design. Individual demands and specific technical specifications are catered for easier, eliminating the constraints of inflexible software. This collaborative approach does not only provide significant benefit to business, is fast becoming a mainstream solution for many companies looking at improved cost-to-benefit and productivity ratios.


Michael concludes, “Two distinct benefits that determine the choice of a solution are cost-saving and speed of delivery. Surveillance is one of the most critical elements in any building management strategy and being able to install a flexible, cost-effective surveillance solution that will provide immediate benefit is crucial for the competitive advantages that buildings and shopping malls, in particular, demand.”


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