Business in Africa is booming. But are the commercial laws strong enough to sustain long-term growth ?


An authoritative introduction to the commercial laws being instituted in West and Central Africa through the OHADA harmonization process is published in London this week. Source: IEDP

Unified Business Laws for Africa: Common Law Perspectives on OHADA
is now available from IEDP.

(PRWEB UK) 20 July 2012

The World Bank has just approved an International Development Association (IDA)* US$15 million technical assistance grant to strengthen OHADA’s institutional capacity to support, in its member countries, selected aspects of investment climate reforms, including improved corporate financial reporting.
President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo has just signed the instruments of ratification of the OHADA treaty and OHADA will become the applicable law in DRC on Sept 1, 2012.

DRC is a huge country, 3 000 000 square kms, 80 million inhabitants. People there are very poor because of the country is mismanaged and the lack of the economic rule of law,but it is immensely rich in terms of mineral resources.

This is a huge development for Africa and for OHADA who is now the business law of 250 million people.

Africa remains one of the few bright prospects for international investors, despite the global economic slowdown. However, African economies are largely in their infancy in terms of commercial law. The OHADA system for harmonizing laws, which has so far been adopted by 16 West and Central African nations (17 with DRC) in order to increase their attractiveness to foreign investors and business, is an essential step towards creating sound unified business laws across the continent.

As OHADA (Organization for Harmonization in Africa of Business Laws) is largely based on the French legal system. It is now essential to make the OHADA laws and principles accessible to a broader audience of international attorneys and their clients.

Unified Business Laws for Africa: Common Law Perspectives on OHADA introduces OHADA laws to common law trained, English-speaking jurists who have current or prospective clients with business or litigation in West or Central Africa. For legal academics, the book also offers a tantalizing view of the highest technical level of commercial legal practice in the OHADA region.

Due to be published 16 July 2012, this is the first authoritative guide written for English speaking, common law trained, professionals; written by leading lawyers with hands-on experience in the OHADA territories—all common law trained

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