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By Chemory Gunko

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Wherever you look, and whomever you speak to, the answer you hear to all our economic and business woes is be entrepreneurial! What exactly does it take to be entrepreneurial though, and what does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?


I have been very blessed in my time to work with some amazing business people, and the lessons I have learned from the time spent with them are lessons I go back to daily as I’m building my own little empire J


The most valuable lesson I’ve ever learnt about business though, is not to wait for clients. And that’s exactly what the fundamental premise of an entrepreneurial mindset is.


Some of the most fascinating and successful business people I’ve met just never sit still – they’re always looking for that next great product, service or idea that they can kick off and get up-and-running;something that they can launch with a bang and make a whole bunch of money with.


To put it in a nutshell, being entrepreneurial is all about how else.


How else can I market this? How else can I package this? What other applications are there for this product or service? Which other industries would be interested in this product or service?

But where do I start?


When you sit around and wait for clients, you’re putting the power into somebody else’s hands.

When you are up and out there, looking for new opportunities, and meeting new people, you’ll be amazed at the doors that open up for you, and how things just fall into place.

I hear this often from people – they have the drive, but don’t know where to start.


Here’s something no one really says out loud: start anywhere.


In order to be noticed and seen, and generate the kind of clients and success you want for your business, you have to put yourself out there. You have take a chance, and if you don’t know what the first thing to do is, then just do anything!


Do something, something new, something different, an idea you’ve always wanted to try, something great you once saw somewhere that you could adjust perfectly to your needs. And then pay attention to what happens around you.


Do you have a teachable skill? Then put together a training workshop. Do you have great insight into your industry and business niche? Write and submit a few opinion piece press releases. Get involved in arranging an industry conference, or if there’s a juicy new piece of legislation that you can offer advice on, e.g. the CPA, then approach an event company and offer your speaking services.


Very quickly, you’ll start to see where you’re returning results, and what is giving you traction. You’ll also see what people are not interested in, and what they just kind of gloss over in the conversation. Then, you simply keep putting more effort into the things that are returning results for you.


There’s no foolproof step-by-step way to do this – and anyone who says there is, is probably lying to you.

Take the first step


There’s a joke about an old gent who prays diligently every week, begging God to please let him win the lottery, until one night God booms down and says: “Yes – but first you have to buy a ticket!”


Nothing can happen for you if you don’t put something out there first. So, take the first step, go in a direction, any direction, and then follow the things that seem to be working. No one is going to stop you, and if you get it wrong, no one has to know either.


When you are moving forward, you feel better about yourself; you get excited, and that starts shining through in every aspect of your life. And that energy, excitement and passion are what will attract people, and their business, towards you. If nothing else, you are out there, meeting people, and making connections that will turn into business for you.


And, since you never know who is connected to whom, no networking or marketing opportunity is ever wasted – sometimes they just take time to return results.

Chemory Gunko is the managing director and creative director of Dsignhaus, a B2B marketing services agency with in-depth and specialist knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Contact Chemory on, visit, follow @dsignhaus on Twitter or join the Facebook page on

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