SA fanatical gamers are in for more entertainment


By Thandisizwe Mgudlwa

Oh ye!

South African gaming solution is responding to high demand from fanatical gamers.

And this week, gamers are to benefit from a niche product from South African hosting solution provider, Openweb.

Reports show that the launch of its new 4MB and 10MB Uncapped Gold Solution positions itself square in the heart of SA gamers, answering a genuine local need for the type of reliability and bandwidth demanded in supreme quality gaming.

Keoma Wright, Openweb CEO, explains: “The contention ratio is why Gold Uncapped works so well. We keep contention low and prioritise traffic for gaming. Latency can make or break a gamer – if your ISP doesn’t add a priority flag on your gaming traffic, even if your gaming connection seems to be working well, you won’t stand a chance. Our Gold Uncapped specifically prioritises every single byte.”

In the latest Ookla Quality Index statistics, South Africa ranked at number 47 out of 64 countries in terms of quality of connection. The findings demonstrate the importance for gamers to seek a specialist gaming solution.

James Etherington-Smith of explains on his website, “An internet connection with consistently low latency and minimal data packet loss is paramount. Many games can operate well over a low bandwidth connection, but if the pings are high and packets are lost in the ether, the quality of the game is impacted terribly.”

Interestingly, in a March 2012 MyGaming survey, 79% of respondents indicated that they played online games, and ADSL outshone its rivals due to the low latency required to get the most out of online games. 39% of these respondents were working of the ADSL 4/10Mbps offering, illustrating a gamer’s preference around downloads, updates and patching.

“Gamers need bandwidth and reliability. There can be no negotiation on either. Openweb have filled both gaps with these Gold Uncapped products, giving SA gamers the type of connection they deserve,” adds Wright.

For a limited time, Openweb will also be including a free game for all those signing up beyond a six month period, including Call of Duty, Black Ops or Guild Wars 2.

In addition, Openwebs Gold Uncapped: 4Mb of Gold Uncapped for R738 per month or for the gaming addicts, 10Mb of Gold Uncapped for R1799 per month.

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