Annual Investment Meeting 2013 (AIM)



The Annual Investment Meeting 2013 (AIM) is an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from April 30 – May 2, 2013 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.


The third edition of AIM will provide a true assessment of investment opportunities in frontier, emerging and transition economies with a special focus on some high growth regions such as Africa and Asia as well as in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the most dynamic and the leading economic centre in the Middle East and North Africa region.


This three-day FDI focused event includes an Executive Leadership Conference, a Tripartite High-level Meeting, Country Presentations, G2G & B2B Meetings, an Exhibition, Investment Awards, Capacity Building Workshops, Site Visits and Networking Events.

  • AIM Conference provides a framework for global exchange on the key principles underpinning international investment policies, strategies and practices for sustainable development to achieve smart and inclusive growth.


  • AIM Tripartite High-Level Meeting provides a framework for global exchange on the key principles revolving around investment policies, multilateral trade agreements, public and economic governance and business sustainability in uncertain times.


  • AIM Country Presentation features government recognized proposals delivered by stakeholders and will provide attending financiers with a fact & figure checked perspective on ongoing and future projects.


  • AIM B2B/G2G Meetings offers ideal opportunities to interact with international project developers & promoters.

  • AIM Exhibition brings together on one hand, the world leading institutional investors, private financiers, high profile government officials & assets owners and on the other hand international projects promoters, global or regional business owners, who will convene to discuss the key requirements of today’s foreign direct investments trends.


  • AIM Investment Award selects investment agencies in recognition of their successful investment promotion strategies and to exceptional investment projects.


  • AIM Investors Site Visit givens a real-time assessment of investment opportunities and returns in key projects in UAE.


  • AIM Workshop takes away reliable methodologies applicable to their day-to-day management and overall professional duties.


  • AIM Networking Opportunities enable participants to socialize, discuss business and build long-term relationships.

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