Nigeria’s LAGbook Partners with South Africa’s Umuntu Media to Bring Mimiboard on Board


Africa’s fastest growing social networking website, Ladies And Gentlemen book, today partnered with the South African-based Umuntu Media to introduce a third-party virtual noticeboard app to registered LAGbook users.

Lagos, Nigeria, October 11, 2012 –(– Mimiboard is a virtual noticeboard that helps you discover up-to-the-minute information about the things you love, and interested in. You simply discover mimiboards you love, and add them to your existing walls. You can find mimiboards by exploring an easy-to-use map or simply browse through top categories in your location. Mimiboard is the leading product of the South African based Umuntu Media, and backed by Eva-Fund. The virtual noticeboard web application emerged the best at this year’s Nairobi Open Innovation Summit App demo competition beating ten other apps from Africa.

Umuntu Media aims at delivering relevant local content on world class platforms across Africa, and adopts new technology to directly serve the market that wants it.

LAGbook has introduced a third party application it calls the “Virtual Noticeboard” app, that allows its over 460,000 registered users to access and explore the possibilities of Mimiboard right on LAGbook. This app can be found under the “THIRD PARTY” column at the left corner of most pages on LAGbook.

“LAGbook is all about social discovery; giving people the power to explore and discover new things. Mimiboard shares a similar vision, and that’s why we’re thrilled to have it on LAGbook. Mimiboard will be one of the many ways in which LAGbook expands the social experience of its fast growing users,” says Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder of LAGbook, Inc.

Chidi continued, “Every registered user on LAGbook can access and explore the virtual noticeboard app right on LAGbook. Chika has been in contact with Jaco Liebenberg of Umuntu Media thanks to Sam Luke, a technology blogger at HumanIPO, and this is the beginning steps in introducing Mimiboard to LAGbook users. We’re hoping on fully optimising the Mimiboard experience on LAGbook after proper API integration is installed, and we’re shooting at sometime very soon.”

“Mimiboard has just made us a pace closer to fulfilling our mission on expanding the social experience of hundreds of thousands of people. In the past, we’ve partnered with Einztein to introduce social learning on LAGbook, and also with Dominion Comics to bring rich local African comic strip contents on LAGbook. Mimiboard is not a seal to this, but an opening portal to more third party social discovery web applications,” said Chika Nwaogu, CEO and President at LAGbook, Inc.

“This partnership is awesome for both Umuntu and we at LAGbook. Umuntu will enjoy the exploration of its Mimiboard by hundreds of thousands of LAGbook users, and we get to give our users one extra reason why they should choose LAGbook to drive their online social discovery experience,” says Josh Osemwegie, LAGbook’s VP for Finance.

LAGbook is Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking website with over 460,000 registered users and 6,000 daily signups. LAGbook is most popular in the cities of Yaba in Lagos-Nigeria (where it was incepted and ranks #2), Hirtshals and Sindal in Denmark (where it is ranked #37 and #28 respectively), and Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong (where it is ranked #27).

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