LAGbook Founders Set to Launch Online Game Development Company Naija Arts in 2013


Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, founders of Africa’s largest social networking website LAGbook are set to launch their online game development company Naija Arts as LAGbook hits the 1,000,000 member-mark in 2013.
Lagos, Nigeria, October 13, 2012 –(– Founders of prominent African social networking website, Ladies And Gentlemen book, popularly known as LAGbook, today announced they’ll be launching Naija Arts, an online game development company after LAGbook hits the 1,000,000 member-mark in 2013. 

Naija Arts will be founded with LAGbook’s Chief Financial Officer, Josh Osemwegie, and will focus on online game contents (HTML5) that will made available on the LAGbook social discovery platform, and the Naija Arts website using the HTML iframe technology.

“We want Naija Arts to be Africa’s equivalent of Miniclip. Initially we registered Naija Arts last year, and started working on Oleku, a 3D computer game for Windows. Oleku was to be a street (crime) life and survival game with features of famous locations in Nigeria. But the piracy issue in Nigeria became too disturbing,” said Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder of LAGbook.

Chidi continued, “We tried our hands on creating free trial versions that will need paid licensing after 15-days of pay, but then we realized the license key(s) could be distributed along with the free trial versions for payment. Which ever way we turned, there was a counter piracy attack. This inhibited the project, and finally the development came to a halt.”

“We figured out that online gaming contents was the only way to prevent piracy. We’ll make money off the ads placed on the web pages in which the games are embedded on using the HTML iframe technology. But then, we needed a huge traffic, and a ready database of potential gamers. So we decided to pour more energy into the growth of LAGbook, and introduce our online game contents once our user size is robust and impressive,” said Chika Nwaogu, CEO and President at LAGbook, Inc.

Chika continued, “LAGbook is now what we have always wanted it to be; a fast growing social networking website, and this has rekindled our dream for Naija Arts. Once LAGbook hits the one million member-mark extrapolated to be in the early months of 2013, we’ll be releasing Boko, a 3D adventure game based on the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria.”

“We thought Nigerians want to play Boko, more than they would want a survival game like Oleku. So we will be debuting with Boko, and Oleku follows subsequently. Boko will be the first three dimensional computer game born out of Africa, and we’ll be blessed to break that record,” said Chidi

“I’m glad to be a co-founder of this project. I intend contributing with early investments, and financial planning. I’ll be Co-founder and CFO at Naija Arts, and you don’t know how much that means to me,” said Josh Osemwegie, CFO at LAGbook, Inc.

LAGbook is Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking website with about 500,000 registered users and 6,000 daily signups. LAGbook is most popular in the cities of Yaba in Lagos-Nigeria (where it was incepted and ranks #2), Hirtshals and Sindal in Denmark (where it is ranked #37 and #28 respectively), and Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong (where it is ranked #27).

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