Novus Celebrates World Egg Day and Supports Egg Consumption and Egg Production in Africa


Special events are being held throughout the continent


ST. LOUIS , Oct., 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Novus International, Inc. has partnered with egg industry associations in Africa for the third consecutive year to support World Egg Day celebrations. On Friday, October 12 , numerous events are being held throughout Africa to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs and raise the public awareness of the importance eggs play in a nutritious and healthy diet.

In western Africa , several states within Nigeria including Ogun, Lagos , Abuja-Federal, Port Harcourt-Rivers and Benin will be hosting events at schools; activities include egg races, talks by health care professionals and miming student competitions.

In eastern Africa , especially Kenya and Uganda , two-day events are being held. The first day will be educational with opportunities to interact with egg producers; the second day will involve roadshows, road processions and entertainment, as well as school competitions.

In southern Africa , particularly in Zambia and Mozambique , educational presentations will be made on radio and television. Eggs for Africa will open a new central warehouse for eggs in Nampula, Mozambique to promote locally produced eggs.

Novus’s commitment to World Egg Day in Africa is a reflection of its vision to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life. With the threat of rising food prices on the horizon, Novus recognizes the affordability and complete source of protein offered by eggs and reaffirms its support for all players throughout the poultry value chain.

World Egg Day was established, in part, to recognize the healthy role eggs can play in human diets. Eggs can make a huge difference in the lives of people throughout the world. The egg industry is committed to its corporate social responsibility and making sure people globally have access to a sustainable, good quality food supply.

For centuries, eggs have been a source of healthy, high-quality protein. No food is more versatile, with countless preparations accepted in almost every culture for any meal. No other food source provides as much nutrition, with so few calories, at such a low cost helping families stay financially and physically fit. And no other food source contains so many key ingredients for life, making eggs nutritionally essential.

One egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D. Egg yolks are an excellent source of choline, an essential nutrient that promotes fetal brain development as well as helps prevent birth defects. The high-quality protein found in eggs is digested more slowly than other nutrients, so it has been shown to help people stay energized.

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