Forbidden Fruit – Queendom Research Reveals Which Gender is More Likely to Give Into Temptation’s latest study indicates that when it comes to being disciplined and making healthy life changes, men tend to have a stronger resolve.

Montreal, Canada, October, 2012 –(–, a pioneer in online personality, IQ, and career tests, has released its newest study on willpower and the ability to keep resolutions. Queendom’s research reveals that women may have a little more difficulty staying away from temptation and sticking to healthy habits. assessed 230 men and women’s level of willpower on their road to a healthy lifestyle. For everything from food to exercise, Queendom researchers attempted to determine which of the two groups was more likely to stick to their health resolutions, particularly in the face of temptation…delicious, lazy temptation. Their study reveals that men outscored women on willpower 65 to 61 (on a scale from 0 to 100). Women however, seemed to be prepared for defeat, as only 46% of women rated their willpower as “good”, compared to 61% of men. According to Queendom’s research:

– 26% of women admitted that they would temporarily break their resolution to eat healthier, and opt for comfort food if they went through a stressful week at work, while 18% of men would do this. 40% of men would look for healthier ways to reduce their stress, compared to 24% of women.
– If pressured by a friend to “pig out” (after eating healthy for an entire week), 7% of women would totally give in, 46% would only share some of their friend’s junk food, and 47% would stay disciplined and eat healthy. For men, 8% would give in, 41% would share, and 51% would stay disciplined.
– 65% of women said that they would be willing to join a gym by themselves, compared to 79% of men.
– After being given a strict boot camp workout by a trainer, 23% of women said they would stick to it faithfully, 62% said they would reduce the intensity and work out at a slower pace, and 14% said they would cut the workout by half, and put in less of an effort. 49% of men said they would stick to it, 41% said they would reduce the intensity, 10% said they would cut their workout by half.
– When asked whether they can name 3 things that motivate them to work hard and be a better person, 54% of women had a clear set of motivators compared to 61% of men.
– 57% of women said that their motivation to be healthier involves a mix of aesthetic reasons (to look good) and health reasons (to feel better). 36% cited strictly health reasons, while 7% said they just want to look good. 41% of men are motivated by a mix of aesthetic and health reasons, 53% strictly for health reasons, and 6% strictly for aesthetic reasons.

“Sure, it’s a cruel joke that nature offers us so many enjoyable things that aren’t good for us, but what can you do,” sighs Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of PsychTests. “Change and self-improvement isn’t an easy process – if it were, we would all be healthy, enlightened beings,” she continues. “Our research shows that neither men nor women whole-heartedly embrace lifestyle change. Sometimes we know that we have to bite the bullet and either adopt or drop some habits, and the women in our sample seemed to struggle more than the men. This doesn’t mean that they can’t successfully achieve their resolutions – they just may take a little more time and need more support to get there. So don’t despair if you fall of the healthy bandwagon…what matters most is that you get back up again.”

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