Working as a Consultant When Retired


By David Kimberley

Retirement doesn’t necessarily have to be a function of age, but more a function of choice and capacity. People can choose to still work as long as they want to and are able to, in careers or professions of their choice. The more senior people get in their professions, the more experience they gain which makes them more valuable in their expertise when they are still able to practice their professions well. Many professionals in South Africa are now retired but can still continue being valuable in their professions or areas of expertise in a different career – consultants. This is what Retired Consultants is offering.

Retired Consultants understands the value of retired professionals and what expertise they can offer. They know very well how these veterans can and need to pass on the necessary skills that many young workers or professionals still need to learn. They also know how many retired professionals still would love to be out and about working and living busy active lifestyles. Retired Consultants provides a venue that can cater to both necessities by bridging both parties. They act as a market where professionals and companies looking to hire a consultant can post required consultant jobs and retired professionals can post their expertise and can get consultant jobs.

In this way, retired professionals can still work or be employed on short term or project basis, working on the hours and terms that would suit their convenience. At the same time, the companies or professionals hiring them are hiring veterans, so they know that they are really getting expert advice and extensive knowledge from many years of experience and not just theory. The popular consulting jobs that many companies are currently looking for are bank consultant jobs and engineering consulting jobs among others. For companies and professionals looking to hire an expert and veteran retired consultant, and for retired professionals who wish to continue working and become retired consultants can get more information and post consultant jobs on Retired Consultants’ website

ABOUT Retired Consultants

Retired Consultants provides a venue for retired professionals to work and be hired as consultants and transfer their expertise and skills to the younger generations. In this way, they are also providing quality experts and consultants to companies looking to hire consultants. For more information, contact David Kimberley at or 021 712 4502.


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