How to measure the success of your direct marketing campaign


By Tony Sham

Measuring the success of direct marketing campaigns (Microsoft Word)


In a world of fan bases, follows and likes, the rules and measurements of direct marketing have changed considerably.

So, what are the benchmarks against which you can measure the success of a direct marketing campaign in the current media landscape?


Going back a few years, it was a given that you would measure the success or failure of a marketing campaign by the resulting sales that were made.


Today however, the game has changed, and if your measurement criteria are based on sales then you’re missing an important point:direct marketing is also about building relationships with your current and future clients.

Immediate and future needs


Unlike traditional forms of media, like magazine ads, direct marketing pieces don’t have an expiry date – and in the digital world, your marketing piece can live forever in the recipient’s email folders.


So, two or three of five years down the line, long after you’ve forgotten about the campaign, the sale can still come through.

Nurturing your prospects


The likelihood that someone will need your service on the exact day you’ve chosen to advertise it is slim.


However that doesn’t mean that they will never buy your product or be interested in your service – and this is where relationship-building comes onto the scene.


Statistics into sales conversions show that over 80 percent of sales are made after the fifth contact with a client, and your established relationship with the client empowers you with the time to ensure that the need for multiple touch points is met.


Effectively this means that the by the time the prospect has a need in your area they’re already convinced that you are the correct route to follow. And loyalty is something no marketing campaign can ever buy!

Multiple touch points


Once you have the prospect engaged, it is important that you maintain regular communication with them.


There are multiple ways to do this, but one of the most effective ways is to showcase your knowledge, expertise and talent, by offering collateral such as educational information, special offers, news and case studies.


In summary, a well-executed direct marketing campaign can not only ensure immediate results, but can also help you establish a solid and loyal client base that will guarantee your company’s future success.


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