Pushing the African Business up with High Speed Internet


By Rich Martinez

Africa, though known to have the oldest economic history and could have established a prosperous economy earlier, has long been suffering from poverty instead. It has been imprinted in the History that their economy has indeed stagnated for the past decades. The African Continent is supposed to be enriched with a wide range of resources, but somehow, mismanagement and corruption took place that people from Africa are economically depressed and deprived.


However, since 2000, there has been a development in Africa specifically in its economy. Some African Countries showed fast improvements in their economic growth and it cannot be denied that efforts were really exerted to have produced that result. This improvement amidst the global recession has been greatly commended as this may even surpassed other Developing Countries.


This significant improvement in the African Setting can be all the more improved with High Speed Internet. Though as of the moment, Computers in Africa seemed to be very costly and Internet Infiltration is low, and thus internet connectivity through Broadband seemed so complicated to establish, still the benefits that it can give specifically to the Business People can outweigh them.


In this article, the benefits of High Speed Internet to the African Business and Economy will be discussed.


Benefits of High Speed Internet to African Business and Economy

1.  Communication

Through this technology, African Business People can communicate with prospective clients through electronic mail or though establishing a website. This way, they can build a reliable and firm connection to their customers either in the local, national or even international level, and can furthermore gain their trust and patronage.


With Fast Access to Internet, they can respond promptly to the inquiries of the prospective clients which can all the more establish rapport with them.

2. Easier Business Transactions

Utilization of Internet at a faster speed can enhance the transactions of the Business through online. The Employer can transfer data or important files to his/her employees even when they are afar or the employees are on the field. This way, the Business Management can be augmented and improved.


3. Gain Access to the Global Market

Internet, being Information Super Highway can bridge any small business or even a single African business man to the global market. Internet can be a medium to advertise the products and services that one’s business offer to the consumers. This way, the clientele of the African Business People will be enlarged and thus more income will be generated for them.


High Speed Access to it, furthermore, would accentuate this fascinating form of marketing as this technology can ensure the smooth flow of online marketing through getting rid of lags and delays.


4. Expansion of Business

With the aid of Internet Connectivity, their Business can be expanded and established to other countries with higher chances of success since it has been earlier introduced through the Internet and people belonging to other race and country can perhaps have an overview of the stability and credibility of the Company or the Businessperson behind it as they become aware of their existence and operations through the Internet. Broadband Expert has a handy comparison of wireless broadband providers.


Author Bio:

Rich Martinez is a writer on technology, business and the Internet at Broadband Expert. During his free time, Rich writes for other blogs to share her insights to their readers.

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