The Glorious Spectacle of Konso Heritages

Konso is one of the UNESCO-designated heritage sites for its outstanding landscape and terraced agriculture. It constitutes a spectacular portrait of tradition which has been in existence for four centuries. It demonstrates the engineering skill of the society and features the waga (wooden statutes) as a reminder of late family members, war heroes and respected members of the community. The statues are placed above the graves representing the deceased wives and conquered enemies.

The spaces inside the walled towns, called moras, (basalt) retain an important and central role in the life of the society. Wakas (sculptures) are erected to commemorate and mark the transfer of responsibility from the older generation to the younger. Konso people are named among the last sculpture-erecting generation presenting an ongoing tradition not only in Ethiopia but also in the rest of the world.

To enter to the village, one must pass through a gate and a series of alleys. These paths are part of its security system, keeping the village difficult to access. A generation pole is raised every 18 years, marking the start of a new generation.

The small community makes a living from cultivation, beekeeping and weaving cotton. The terraces retain the soil from erosion, collect a maximum of water creating  fields that are used for agriculture. The people have several public holidays on which they eat, dance and celebrate in public. They have their own hair braiding style and they weave their own clothings from cotton.  The unique and vivid settings of the town and way of life is sure to take you several centuries back.



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When to Visit

The place is welcoming all year long. The admirable architectures and hospitable traditional societies show the old way of life preserved to the present day.


Konso is a safe place to visit without worrying about security issues. Locals are friendly who are used to hosting visitors and foreign researchers. They make you feel at home while you explore the magnificent erections.

Fun Fact

Climbing up the complex terraces will give you an experience you never had before.

Country code

+251 – Visitors with identification card can purchase SIM cards from shops to make local and international calls.


The place does not have an airport however comfortable buses takes you to unforgettable road trips allowing you to see other small towns along the way.


Ethiopian birr, dollars and euros are accepted at all hotels. State and private banks convert foreign currency into local currency easing transaction. Exchange rates can be accessed at

Visa Requirement

Can be accessed at

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