Refreshing Weekend Getaway at Sodere

Sliding into a bathtub after a long day is one of life’s little treats, and there’s nothing quite like the restorative dip in the healing hot springs at Sodere. This stunning spa complex is so trendy that people come to bathe in its therapeutic pools from all over the country. It’s found at 110 km from Addis Ababa near Adama (Nazareth). It is a resort which is a combination of natural hot springs, a waterfall bath (abadir) and a swimming pool. The hot springs resort is popular for its therapeutic effects. With a whopping Olympic-size swimming pool filled with volcanic spring and sauna chambers, Sodere offers idyllic escape.

Over half a century old, Sodere lies along the Awash River offering a stunning view of wildlife including monkeys, baboons who live on the ground and  crocodiles who bask along the banks of the long River.  The forests which fringe the river are also good for bird watchers to see species ranging from the black-winged bird to the Abyssinian woodpecker amongst others.  The place features lush, shady vegetation and dense forests. Other features include a full-service restaurant and hotels that can be accessed through Jovago. The hotels organize campfire events twice a week. These allow you to enjoy the night with sparkling stars while meeting tourists from different parts of the world. The Sodere resort gives you an unforgettable adventure offering a perfect getaway.

There’s no better time to surround yourself with the colorful gardens. The small town is a perfect retreat from the busy city. Wander through the green gardens and enjoy the fresh breeze. The traditional Ethiopian cuisines do not only please meat-lovers, it has a delightful range of options for vegetarians as well. The cozy restaurants provide a wide variety of arts and entertainment with loads of authentic and unique scenery – Sodere is certainly an affordable escapade.

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