The Warmest Hospitable Town Gambela

Situated 844 kilometers west of Addis Ababa hiking in Gambela is one of the biggest trophies you can have on your travel wall of fame. Gambela is one of Ethiopia’s underrated cities. Tourism is still fairly minimal in this town, but there’s so much to discover. If you get off the beaten path and visit the road less travelled in the warmest Gambela, you surely won’t be let down observing its authenticity, exclusive culture and sightseeing that will leave you in awe.

It has fascinating tropical air, friendly locals, and untouched wilderness, some of the world’s best hiking trails, fresh produce and so much more plenty of places to explore. If there’s one place you simply must visit in Ethiopia, it’s Gambela. If there’s one travel experience that trumps them all, it’s this one. Gambela is embracing tourism and welcoming visitors from all over the world to their best wildlife watching and unique culture. Whatever you look for in a hot town, Gambela has it. With rivers that used for fishing and navigation, waves that cater to swimming and sunsets that are always refreshing, if you really want to get off the beaten path and experience something truly exceptional, consider a trip.

The vegetation is leafy, with deciduous forest and swampy prairies covering much of the famed massive national park of Gambela. The Akobo River and the generous rains contribute to the formation of abundant marshes. The Region is situated between Baro and Akobo Rivers, with its western part including the Baro salient. The small town of Gambella is most appealing one. Lying at an altitude of 450m in the swampy lowlands, Gambella exudes an atmosphere of tropical adventure. The area is rich in wildlife and the layout of the town is such that just strolling around you can see plenty of birds and monkeys. The National Park is located on the Akobo River system. Its home to over 40 species, not found elsewhere in Ethiopia, such as hippopotamus, Burchell’s Zebra, nile lechwe and the white-eared kob, Crocodiles, roan antelope, topi, elephant, buffalo, lelwel hartebeest, lion, and giraffe are also present. Striking rivers and lakes, stunning natural waterfalls of jay waterfall in Godere, Tata and Bure lakes.

The other attraction of the place is ‘yegzer dildiy’ (God’s bridge). The bridge is a well-crafted natural gateway doming over River Gillo. People and animals can cross over it while the river passes through the arched natural bridge. Stop by at the colorful market to purchase jewelries, woven baskets and traditional clothing. Best time to visit is from November to April to access all destinations while taking malaria precaution in all seasons.

Gambela is quickly becoming Ethiopia’s must visit destination, with so much to offer. If you plan on sticking around for a while and engaging in long exploration, this is the perfect place to do so. Extremely affordable and a great budget option. Best of all, what you get in exchange for your hard-earned cash is experiencing a gloriously distinctive slice of Ethiopia.

By Eden Sahle

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