Breathtaking climbing at Abune Yosef Massif

Plan yet another stunning getaway, heed to the adventurous side of Abuna Yosef, the 6th tallest mountain in Ethiopia which rises over 13,000 feet. Laying at Lasta Semien Wollo Region, peaks, jagged cliffs, towering massifs and verdant jungles and wildest endemic animals offer unforgettable treasured memory. Jovago, Africa’s leading online hotel booking company invites you to hit to this 19th highest mountain in Africa, to have the ultimate escaped.

The breathtaking savannah and dense forest landscape is full of life and home to over 43 endemic mammals and over 200 birds creating a true adventure. Gelada Baboon, Leopards, Niyala, Monkeys, Bailey’s Shrews, side striped and golden Jackals, Ethiopian Genets, African Civets, many different Mongooses, Hyenas, African wildcats, Caracals, Aardvarks, Bush Pigs, Bush Duiker, Klipspringer and Squirrels, are few of the wildlife available for up-close view.

Most visitors flock to Abune Yosef where some of the most popular mountain spots can be found, enclosing over 4000m giant hills named Rim Gedel, Big Zigit and Small Zigit. Outdoor enthusiasts will never have enough of hiking along with enjoying the fresh air. A hiking trip to these mountains is one that will be treasured forever.

Abune Yosef is not short of anything. With a wide variety of options and amazing sights and landscapes, it’s a hiker’s and climber’s paradise. The place is a well-resourced area with culture and exclusive sights that will take any traveler by surprise. If you enjoy visiting ancient churches, do not forget to explore the churches built inside caves that dot the mountains. Stop by at 13th century church masterpieces built by the former Ethiopian kings who left their legacies and belongings at Genete Maryam, Yemrehana Krestos, Emakina Medhane Alem, Lideta Maryam and Zammadu Maryam church. The churches’ wall paintings and structures are admirable particular features of the place.

This massive mountain really does have it all, from refreshing cliffs, endemic animals to cave churches to greener forests and even stunning cultures and cuisines. There is plenty of things to do and experience without boring yourself. It hands out one of the best adventures in Ethiopia. Its appealing climate makes it suitable to hike every year round without overheating or feeling cold. A getaway to this place takes you away from the crowd from Addis Ababa into a calm and its own version of living style that will make you learn a lot of new greetings and try spicy dishes. It’s a place where anyone experiences saluted along with exploring the best that nature and tradition offers.

No matter the traveler’s ideal expectation of exploring Abune Yosef rocky cliffs and churches, chances are that the expectation will be met. There are relaxing climbing adventures for some of the best memorable escaped with never ending opportunities to explore new things.

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