Ethiopia’s Thanksgiving Irreechaa

Witness Irreechaa one of the most unique and fabulous religious festivals in Ethiopia. The annual holiday best of Jumia Travel selections, gather millions of people around Ethiopia and world who come to pay their thanksgiving. People go out in mass holding a bunch of yellow daisy flowers and freshly collected green grasses. It’s a day of gratefulness, unity, love and celebration praying for a happy year head. It symbolizes the great history and culture of the Oromo people.

The day is the most significant day of the year celebrated beginning of October every year as part of the Gadaa system.  It makers the coming of the sun (Birraa) and the passing of the rainy season. Irreechaa which translated as thanksgiving involves several religious rituals including soaking into the holy water, lighting bonfire and sharing drinking’s and special meals prepared for the day.  It’s believed that Waqaa (God) gave a spirit to every individual and those holy spirits resides on the rivers and top of the mountains marking these places as the venue of this religious and cultural festival.


The celebration is started 12, 000 years ago when a family from Asra, the God of sun named Sete killed his younger brother Ora, their sister Asis planted a tree near Nile river bank to commemorate her deceased brother and called for a peace where the family made a peace with the killer. Later in the years the tree was replaced by a stone statue erected 8,000 years ago representing the historical tree. The Oromo people believe in one God under the religion called “Waaqeffannaa” the faith in Gadaa system. The system believes green is holy and water is life while rainy season represents darkness. Once the longest Ethiopian summer season hits, the people come out to celebrate the bright sunny season which is considered a bright and happy season.

The ancient festival is still celebrated by the local people who stayed true to their culture and tradition. People bring best cooking’s and drinks to be shared with the local elders and people who gather to celebrate. Local people attend the event dressed in their colorful cultural clothing’s which gives a view as if fairy tales come to alive.  Full of history, glamour and happiness this one festival you absolutely cannot miss. It has live horseback riding shows, public dancing, singing and sharing meal and just watching the people having a time of their lives in breathtaking.  The blessing that flows from the elders, the cheerful public and soaking into the water decorated with grasses and yellow daisy flowers is the ultimate uncommon fun.


In many ways the festival is the colorful holiday. Taking part is a life changing experience packed into loads of happiness which stays with you years to come bringing the great memories. The Irreechaa festival go way beyond than the regular festival we know. From the exclusive celebration styles to the traditional cousins it’s a celebration you have never had anywhere in the world. If you admire unique celebration we guarantee you that you have come to the right place at the right time. This reputable special day proves you that there is a lot to discover in this diversified cultural Ethiopia.

Irreechaa is a best decorated setting for nature and culture lovers, one of Ethiopia’s greatest religious festival is perfect where every year so much more goes on it making hard to have enough of this day. Indulge yourself with the glorious festival and foods you have never tried before it’s a must to taste Cukoo and Marqa for mouthwatering yummy experience. Truly the day is full of jaw dropping moments that will fill you with so much more delight and happiness. It’s a never to miss out event for thanksgiving, celebration and sightseeing at the destination full of natural and historical treasures.

By Eden Sahle from Jumia Travel

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