A Thorough Assessment of Johannesburg – The City of gold

View from the Carlton Centre, Africa's tallest building. Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Photo Credit: Adamina (www.flickr.com).

Located in the second largest continent Africa, Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa. It is the most populous city of South Africa as well. It is known as the city of gold, the modern day El Dorado. Popularly known as the home town of great leaders and activists like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Johannesburg is a perfect place to visit.

 City of Gold

 Johannesburg is known as the gold city due to the massive gold deposit. During the end of the 19th century, it was open for public digging. Gold trade always existed there and has made it own place for centuries. It attracted many migrant workers due to the gold mine. After a few years, the gold deposit went under the control of mining companies. These companies were responsible for the construction of some famous buildings of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Photo Credit: Mr.Jhosimar.

Tourist Season

 December to February is the peak season for visiting Johannesburg South Africa. The summer season in runs between these three months. In the peak season, the crowd is massive in Johannesburg. The hotel rates are also high. The city is filled with tourist from all over the world. However, winter is not any less. Winter season runs between June to August. Its spreads its charm among the visitors. So, those of you who missed the peak season can try visiting it during winter.

Popular tourist spots

 Whoever has visited South Africa knows very well how naturally enriched Johannesburg is. It attracts a great amount of tourist in its various tourist attractions. There are so much to learn and enjoy while visiting Johannesburg. Let us check out some of the popular tourist attractions below-

Gold Reef City – It is a family-centric amusement park of Johannesburg. It is located on a gold mine and themed around the 1886 gold rush. This amusement park stays true to the fact of Johannesburg being the city of gold. The staff of the park wears period costumes, and with the design of the 19th century, the visitors encounter a similar experience of time traveling upon entering the park. If you are getting to visit only one place, then this is what you must visit.

Heritage – To know more about the inheritance, monuments and South African culture, visiting the heritages is compulsory. The classic Edwardian style of Georgian era is depicted through the stunning colonial architecture Johannesburg City Hall. It is the National monument located in Johannesburg. The Ke-Ditselana Tourism and Multi-Cultural Village illustrate the rustic form of South Africa. It is a mock village which exhibits all the popular South African cultures from IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Setswana to Tsonga, SeSotho, and TshiVenda. Cradle of Humankind is also situated in Johannesburg which one of the eight World Heritage Sites of South Africa. You can also visit CIRCA and enjoy the exhibitions, films and music events organized there.

 Wildlife Attractions – The tourists come here to not only see the Lions also the predatory animals. It is an exceptional park for watching wildlife activities and safari. You can also take a tour of the four lion pride camps. Other than the Lion Park, Johannesburg Zoo is also great for wildlife expedition. It is the habitation of some of the endangered animals like White Lions and Siberian Tigers. Other than the lions and the tigers, it has inhibited 320 different types of animals. It is an excellent place in  Johannesburg things to do is to visit with family and having fun. To come close to nature and experience the beautiful sight of nature you can also visit the Johannesburg Botanical garden. This botanical garden shelters more than ten thousand varieties of roses. It is not less than a heaven for nature lovers. Then there is Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden with more than six hundred naturally grown flora.

Museums – Johannesburg has great architectural value. The Wits Art Museum has a vast collection of African Art. The museum frequently organizes exhibitions, and the number of visitors they get during the expositions is overwhelming. The Origin Centre Museum is another popular attraction of Johannesburg. It exhibits rock arts. If you want to gather the knowledge of past oppression and segregation era, then visit the Apartheid Museum. It exhibits the whole period through photographs, newspaper clippings, and film footage. South African Museum of Military history, Liliesleaf farm Museum, Workers Museum, Johannesburg Art gallery, Museum Africa are some other attractions in Johannesburg.

Miscellaneous – The Chancellor House, Gandhi Square, The Maboneng Precinct, SAB World Of Beer, Mandela House, FNB Stadium, Arts On Main, Mary Fitgerald Square, Carlton Centre, Constitution Hill are the other top tourist attractions and landmarks of Johanessburg.

 Popular hotels

 The facility provided by the Johannesburg hotels are extraordinary, and they are known for their generous hospitality service and professional staff members. The hotel offers are appealing, and several special offers are available and valid all year round. They have luxury hotels, pet-friendly hotels, budget-friendly hotels, hotels with spa and boutique. They have every kind of hotels possible depending on your budget. Not only the hotels, lodges, hostels, guest houses are also available there for the visitors.  Mercure Johannesburg Randburg, African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, Genesis All-Suite Hotel, Holiday in Rosebank, Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, Clico Boutique Hotel, Alcazaba Lodges, Rosebank Lodge & Backpacker, Rosebank Boarding hostel are some of the notable hotels and lodges located in various areas of Johannesburg. The system of booking a room in these places is reasonably easy and can be done online. Johannesburg knows how to treat its visitors well.


 There are several public schools controlled by the government. Though like all the government schools around the world they have limited resources, still these public schools have excellent track records in the education sector. There are several private schools as well which maintains a strict academic standard and encourage their students to participate in various extracurricular activities as well. The international schools situated here follows the curriculum of the USA, UK, and other degrees. The University of the Witwatersrand is the best Johannesburg university. Other than that The University of Johannesburg and The Vaal University of Technology are also recommended. So, those who are thinking of visiting Johannesburg for the educational purpose have a lot on their plate.

Your motive of visiting Johannesburg can be many, but it will be worth visiting in every aspect. It is interesting to know a place thoroughly before visiting it. The knowledge about the geography, climate, population, tourist spots, languages will increase the fun of visiting it. One will fill more close to the people and culture there. It also lets people stay safe. So, if you are planning to visit Johannesburg or any other tourist spot, then try and put some effort to know the place and you will see how it changes the perspective of the visit and experience.