5 Global Marketing Trends For African Startups To Follow


Entrepreneurs across the globe strive to grow their brands into international enterprises. The startups who succeed in expanding beyond their domestic boarders follow the top global marketing trends. As an entrepreneur in Africa, you need to do the same in order to reach consumers in other countries. If you optimize your strategies, you can beat out your local competition. Then, you can move onto bigger and better opportunities. Keep reading to learn about the top global marketing trends for African startups to follow.

Hire Diverse Social Media Influencers

One of the best trends to follow when marketing your new company in Africa is to hire social media influencers. Since you want to expand your company across the world, look for influencers in various parts of the world. Local advertisers can boost your online presence. However, they usually only drive traffic within respective areas. African influencers usually maintain followers who also live in Africa. The same goes for citizens in other countries. In order to expand outward, diversify your influencers. Then, you can reach users in multiple areas of the world at once. Follow this global marketing trend to reach consumers outside of Africa.

Use Print Mailing Materials

Additionally, use print mailing to excel on a global level. Many entrepreneurs assume that direct mailing is no longer effective because of email and social media. Contrary to this popular belief, direct mailing still benefits African startups trying to grow into global brands. You can out-do all of your local competition using print marketing resources. Then, you can begin to expand outward by mailing out high-converting marketing materials to customers in other regions. Many international companies buy branded envelopes from the Envelope Superstore or similar suppliers. With commercial mailing envelopes, you can launch effective direct mail campaigns with colorful designs that standout. Using a consistent call to action, there are plenty of options to take advantage of. Have your potential customers take advantage of a deal, call for an inquiry or sign up to a company newsletter. Follow this global marketing trend to kick-start your efforts.

Use Automated Translation Platforms

Many entrepreneurs in Africa also use automated translation platforms to achieve their international growth targets. This trend allows startup teams to translate their content so they can reach different markets. To grow your customer base by targeting Swahili-speaking citizens, you need to translate your content into Swahili. Unfortunately, translating your marketing content on your own can take a long time. This is why successful startup teams use automated translation platforms. These solutions transfer English content into Swahili much faster than you could on your own. Thus, they allow startups in Africa to start reaching other markets across the globe much faster. For this reason, keep this global marketing trend in mind.

Optimize For Mobile

Another crucial global marketing trend to follow is optimizing for mobile. International enterprises have impressive, interactive websites that users can access on multiple devices. Consumers from all over the world search for products and services when they are on-the-go. To reach this large audience, optimize your site for phones and mobile tablets. Compress your images to fit various screens. Then, consumers can view your product photos when they are home and when they are traveling. Assure that your text fits into the screens so that they can read your site’s content as well. Upgrade your website using these tips to grow your brand on a global level.

Advertise On Smart Speakers

Furthermore, advertise on smart speakers to reach both local and international audiences. Consumers all over the world are investing in this latest technology. Many consumers use their devices to shop for products more conveniently. In Africa and around the world, they can simply ask their devices to find them the items they need. If you want to rank for these search results, implement the top SEO tactics for voice search. Then, you can follow this global marketing trend and boost your sales.

Many entrepreneurs in Africa want to transform their small startups into international enterprises. In order to achieve this goal, you need to implement the best practices for reaching consumers across the globe. One of the best trends to follow is to hire social media influencers from a variety of countries. Use print media to take over the local market as well. Then, use automated translation platforms to create advertisements in different languages easily. Optimize for mobile and advertise on smart devices to attract customers all over the world. Follow these top global marketing trends to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.