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Lagos Must Address Pollution in Order to Thrive

Lagos Island and part of Lagos Harbour, taken from close to Victoria Island, looking north-west (NB this is not Ikoyi Bay as wrongly labelled elsewhere)

Africa is modernizing faster than anyone could have ever imagined.  African life expectancy has increased an astonishing eight years in the last decade, mostly due to technological leaps in medicine and health services.  Africa’s largest city, Lagos, is attracting international resources, and has become a destination for venture capital, due to the success of companies […]

How To Get Started Importing Goods Into South Africa

Map of South Africa, with provinces, neighbouring countries and oceans labelled in English. Author: Htonl. Source: Wikipedia.

Many business owners across the world want to import goods into South Africa. Unfortunately, many of these business owners are discouraged by South Africa’s complex import process, rules and regulations. For this reason, new-to-market importers like yourself refrain from bringing goods into South Africa. In turn, you miss out on profitable business opportunities. If you […]

5 Global Marketing Trends For African Startups To Follow


Entrepreneurs across the globe strive to grow their brands into international enterprises. The startups who succeed in expanding beyond their domestic boarders follow the top global marketing trends. As an entrepreneur in Africa, you need to do the same in order to reach consumers in other countries. If you optimize your strategies, you can beat […]