Different Accommodation Options in Tanzania

Tanzania conjures images of unique outdoor adventures and intimacy with nature’s finest. With so many places to see and things to do, it’s not surprising that this amazing country continues to dazzle travelers from all over the world year after year. And don’t worry about accommodation either, as the country is lined with options that cater to just about anyone — from the casual backpacker to those accustomed to something more luxurious. With that said, here’s a tour of some of Tanzania’s finest accommodation options:


Tanzania easily appeals to budget travelers with its assortment of cheap hostels that offer affordable accommodation along with food, laundry, and other services. From here, you can go on day safari tours, snorkel in the Indian Ocean or even arrange a hike up Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. In some cases, volunteers are provided with accommodation in exchange for their volunteer work in the country.


Want to have a more authentic Tanzanian safari experience? Camping in the wild is definitely the way to go. With just a piece of tarp or canvas between you and the great outdoors, you get to bond more intimately with nature. Many safari camps, especially Serengeti camping options, are equipped with modern amenities like Wifi connections, flush toilets, well-stocked bars, and even on-site massages, which only make them more appealing to visitors. The camps can be permanent, in which case, they are located in a single location throughout the year; or they can be mobile camps that tend to operate seasonally or follow world-famous spectacles like the Great Migration. Both are excellent options, but the decision on which to choose will come down to your budget and tour preferences.


These are a step the traditional camping experience with more top-grade amenities, such as advanced modes of transportation (private safari land cruisers with viewing roof hatches for game drives), luxurious dwellings and elegant architectural details. Lodges are typically smaller than hotels but have similar facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools, kind of equivalent to your western deluxe hotels.


Hotels in Tanzania range all the way from boutique to lavish opulence. Each hotel boasts a rich history and a set of unique modern comforts designed to provide visitors with a pleasant stay. Many of them offer excellent dining experiences, soothing massage from the spa services, concierge and other services. The hotel rooms and suites are also usually spacious and some even come with private balconies overlooking the beauty of nature in the surrounding areas. If you are looking to explore the main cities or simply need something with more prestige than a lodge or luxury safari camp, then you can’t go wrong with a hotel accommodation.

Apartment Rentals

If you’re traveling as a large group or are looking to enjoy more exclusivity with your partner during your time in Tanzania, then renting an apartment might be a great choice for you. You get to stay in a local house but with your own space and control of time and things to do. Keep in mind that apartment rentals don’t usually come with the usual amenities like housekeeping and butler services. You’ll have to cook your own food too. In many instances, your host could be your liaison to all the local things you need and can even act as a tour guide, but this is not a given. You can check airbnb.com or any other apartment rental websites on the net.


This accommodation option offers a relaxing escape to some of Zanzibar’s best beachfronts. Resorts are designed for maximum relaxation and some of the most fun activities to remember your trip by. Take leisure strolls on pristine beaches, swim in sparkling pools, and experience different culinary delights throughout your stay. The level of luxury and availability of certain amenities tend to vary based on what type of resort accommodation you choose. For instance, a typical private villa in Zanzibar oozes luxury while providing plenty of space and privacy. There’s also plenty of communal areas for enjoying your time together, especially as a family or large group.

This about makes up the list of Tanzania’s accommodation options. Check out this more comprehensive list of accommodation options in Africa if you’re planning to visit a different country. Either way, the key is to plan your safari trip around your preferences, while keeping in mind the high and low seasons and their resulting impact on prices. You can contact us to get more information on Tanzania tours.