Top Tips to Grow Your Restaurant Revenues in 2020

The global restaurant business might lose about $600 billion in consumer spending in 2020, representing a 25%-30% loss of sales compared to 2019, according to figures released by Technomic. While the coronavirus pandemic can be blamed for this to a large extent, there are some things that you need to do to start your road to recovery.

Africa has begun to loosening restrictions, allowing restaurants to start collections and deliveries. To inform customers that your restaurant in Dar Es Salaam is open for business and follows the strictest hygiene measures, consider updating the information on a leading Tanzania business directory, say experts at Whizz Tanzania. You can also announce happy hours, couple discounts or ladies’ nights on the most popular Dar Es Salaam business directory to attract customers. In addition, here are some more tried and tested methods to rejuvenate your business in 2020.

Offer Food Delivery

Most restaurants in Arusha boast breezy rooftops and beautiful outdoor seating. However, due to social distancing measures, consider expanding your services. Introduce pick up and home deliveries to increase sales. Offer special discounts and deals or launch a new initiative in an appealing manner. Consider accepting orders both on phone calls and your website.

Consider a Business Loan

Commercial loans are the most sought after method to help you fund operations and working capital needs while offering minimal documentation, according to an article on Investopedia. It is a safe and effective way to pay employee salaries, buy new equipment and implement advanced marketing strategies. You can also set up new kiosks at convenient locations like Haille-Sellassie Road and mention the same on the best Tanzania business directory.

Re-Engage on Social Media

If you have cafés, restaurants & bars in Tanzania offering unique experiences, it is imperative to remind locals about it. Social media is an undeniable force in today’s world, so make sure to talk about the newest dishes, special discounts and exclusive coupons, according to an article on WordStream. Leverage your marketing efforts by communicating with consumers, hosting live sessions and contests, and running Instagram polls. Studies show that while 49% customers learn about food through social networks, 63% restaurants believe social media advertisement is effective.

Host Digital Events

Arranging successful in-house events at cafés, restaurants & bars in Tanzania might not be possible during the pandemic. However, consider online events and invite people to join for a cooking or baking session. You can also talk about the precautions your restaurant has been taking and get a few employees to reassure your customers. This can create a sense of safety and comfort and encourage people to start placing orders.

Offer Complimentary Gifts

With every purchase, consider including a free dessert or drink. This can keep customers coming back and create quite a good impression for first-time buyers. Set up programs where inviting a few friends to like your page can get them discount coupons. Try to be innovative in your approach to drive sales in the coming days.

Whatever services you introduce, keep updating the information on Tanzania’s No.1 online business directory for small businesses. This will help you keep customers engaged and attract them to your establishment.