Why is the fintech industry flourishing in Africa in 2020?

South Africa is moving very fast in the direction of the FinTech industry. The country is very determined not to be behind the whole show. They are also relaxing the regulations in order to help the flourishing of the FinTech industry.

How South African FinTech development is transforming the foreign exchange landscape

In South Africa, several years ago, almost all the Forex market trades were held by telecommunication. Today everything has transformed and 75% of trades are done online. Expanding the culture of financial technology was always important for the SA. Most of the people who are finding themselves in a good financial situation are involved in trading. FX platform development in SA is also helping the economy. The government is supporting the FinTech development in the country because they know that it is capable of attracting the most influenced investors and traders in the country. Digital trading in South Africa is one of the biggest nourishment of people. The South Africans are not only trading currencies, they are the pros in trading cryptocurrencies too. The decentralized blockchain system is going to change our lives in every way. The people are already doing the transactions without a problem and everything is digitalized. Experts are saying that blockchain will become a powerful tool for improving businesses. The most important part of FinTech development is fair trading. It will allow everyone to have a fair society around them with open support.

In South Africa, when traders are opening their accounts, they have the flexibility to add South African Rand (ZAR) as their base currency. Selecting ZAR for the base currency allows the trader to invest and make deposits in that currency, have an experience of trading in that currency, and make withdrawals in that currency. So, it goes without saying that SA traders prefer to have an XM ZAR account, in order to have more choices and comfort as ever. FinTech has become an integral part of the trading industry in the SA and not only. Traders around the world are also adapting to revolutionary techniques of the financial market and that is why they always need to stay up to date with the technology.

The world of possibilities

FinTech alone in South Africa is opening a whole new world of possibilities for the people. From the futuristic companies to the FinTech start-ups, all will be the next new normal. Forex is certainly no exception. Financial technologies are making everything less problematic for FX traders in South Africa. They will have the possibilities to have their real-time accounts and withdraw the money from whenever they want it. The technology development is also helping the Forex analytic tools to be more sophisticated. In the future, traders will have better risk management and safer markets because of financial technology.


FinTech is rapidly transforming into the most essential financial services industry in the world. International investors are surely investing in SA financial technology. From these new investments, the local players are also benefiting from it. Financial technologies are important to develop in South Africa because the digital revolution is changing the financial world. The financial industry in SA is at its peak. Technology is evolving faster than ever. SA’s economy has grown in the past years. One of the biggest reasons for it was the dominance of the foreign exchange market in the country. People have become involved in the trading industry and they more than ever are in need of financial technology. That is why it is no surprise that FinTech has become such a growing field in the SA. This new technology was formulated to be used in the back-end systems of well organized economic organizations.

The result of FinTech development in South Africa is better management of financial operations and transactions. The companies, business owners, consumers, and traders are all using the FinTech more or less. It is universal. Thanks to the fast connection to the internet and amazing computers, it is already a possibility to use FinTech in our everyday life.

Through time, FinTech has developed into the consumer-oriented sector that is focused on banking, fundraising, education, etc. No matter where the person is located, she\he can always join the mesmerizing FinTech world. Additionally to all the good sides of financial technology, the main thing is that it is cheap. The solutions this technology is offering are always easier and cheaper than the retail bank operations. It is also way more secure. In South Africa, FinTech offers businesses all kinds of solutions to have enormous benefits in the future. Innovative FInTech products are also helping the traders to have better experiences when transacting money.