Top 5 African News Portal

Newspaper is an essential part of a civilized society. A newspaper is a paper with information about the economy, politics, business, sports, entertainment, etc. The popularity of website-based newspapers is rising as everybody can read them from anywhere. Today, we will discuss the top five African news portals in short. is a renowned news portal of Africa. AllAfrica publishes more than 900 reports per day from more than 130 news organizations and 500 others individuals and institutions. The website is full of diversity, and you will find articles on every niche for sure. They say in favour of the governments and against the governments as well. You will find freedom of speech here as the publisher is solely responsible for the writings, and AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit anything at all.

Moreover, it has 440k+ followers on Twitter and counting. It is ranked at 25,141 in the Alexa website ranking. The domain authority rating of this portal is 83, which is impressive. is another famous news portal of Africa. It is published by the JAMG (Jeune Afrique Media Group). The JAMG is one of the most renowned premier and publishing events companies in Africa and well-known for its impartial news delivery. Apart from, they also publish Jeune Afrique, i.e., a weekly magazine. They are the producer of the leading continental business meeting, The Africa CEO Forum as well.

Besides, the site is ranked at 51,634 globally in the Alexa ranking. Their domain authority rating is 77, and they have 188K+ followers on Twitter as of today. is one of the leading business publications in Africa. You can quickly get here the news, analysis, comments, etc., of the African business world. It has a domain authority rating of 75. It has an impressive ranking of 38,603 in the Alexa ranking. The number of regular visitors to this website is enormous. More than 850k+ people follow this portal via Twitter, 110K+ people via Facebook, 12K+ people via YouTube, and 5K+ people via Instagram. is one of the most popular websites in whole Africa. They have many articles on various genres like energy, tech, real estate, startups, fintech, Africa travel, etc. Since 2010, they are a trustworthy source of news for the African people. They cover APO news, AMA news, PR news, media outreach news, and what not?

The domain authority rating of this website is 47. The website is ranked 545,582 in the Alexa website ranking. They have 100k+ followers on Facebook and nearly 16K+ active users on their Twitter follower list. is a popular news portal for scientific news. They believe that they report science and technology with an African eye. They are committed to making Africa a science and tech-friendly continent.

Besides, the domain authority rating of this website is 43. The website has a ranking of 5.3M in the Alexa global ranking. Nearly 20K+ people follow them on Twitter.

Finally, these are the top five news portals of Africa.

Comment below which one you read and why.