DRC Mining Week June 2021: Returning in safety and in numbers

2021 is set to be a solid year for DRC’s mining sector. The mining community is prepared to meet in Lubumbashi between June 15-17 for the annual DRC Mining Week expo and conference, according to Emmanuelle Nicholls, the Group Director, Mining and Natural Resources at Clarion Events Africa. She also said that DRC’s mining sector did well within this ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19. Demanded elements like copper, cobalt and gold are extracted well and will be part of the discussion.

DRC supplies 70% of the world’s cobalt resource which is crucial in making lithium-ion batteries and in the manufacture of magnetic, wear-resistant and high-strength alloys.

Responsible mining is growing in relevance as more mining companies take steps to reach out to the local communities in regions they operate. Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is doing a lot to establish responsible mining by restricting child labor in the DRC mining sector.

German company VW joined ‘Cobalt Alliance for the DRC’ in effort to improve cobalt mining conditions in Africa prioritizing health and safety by training miners, starting with 12 artisanal cobalt cooperatives in and around Kolwezi.

Tesla’s deals Glencore ensures that DRC will remain in the center of attention for a long time as an ideal.

DRC Mining Week expo and conference in Lubumbashi in June 2021 will hold up the importance of safety and security as well confirmed by Nicholls. It will also discuss responsible mining taking COVID-19 in to account.

However, COVID-19 accelerated the inevitable changes as the world advances. Most people have gotten used to this with a positive effect. This adaptation allowed DRC to find new audiences and finding new investments and trade opportunities in the mining sectors according to Nicholls.

Though this digital leap was praiseworthy, this doesn’t allow miners and stakeholders to connect to remote platforms. Reaching out to everyone is important and that is the live event will continue to happen in 2021 so that DRC can touch all industry players.

The DRC mining week will gather over 3500 participants concerning the current atmosphere caused by the pandemic. Orange, Standard Bank and other international sponsors are looking forward to doing business. Being sold out over 80% reflects the trust of the partners.

Along the 400 delegates and discussions over topics like women in mining, responsible mining, safety controlling pollutions etc, additionally, 2021 will see the first of its kind speed dating between mining companies and exhibitors.

Standard Banks have been a long-trusted partner of DRC. Amedeo Anniciello is the Chief Executive of the bank in the DRC recognizes the challenges presented and appreciated the approaches taken to overcome.

An estimated total of $24 trillion in mineral resources mining will continue to contribute to the economy also beneficial for the companies as well. Standard Bank will provide support to the very deep part that matters most in the mining value chain.

Amedeo Anniciello emphasizes the mining week and hopes to discuss their main goals in this enormous platform that will focus on the growth of this industry and the future that it holds.

Eric Bruggeman, CEO of the South African Capital Equipment Export Council, (SACEEC) highlights the untapped opportunities and the workstations opened by the initiatives and the difficulty of transport. He advises the investors and interested suppliers to investigate the overall situation and to invest in this partnership by forming a local partnership.

John Kanyoni, Vice President, Chamber of Mines of the DRC emphasizes DRC’s potential in the economy even after challenges to meet up with power and the mining laws introduces in 2018 while relying on neighboring countries for energy supply.

Olebogeng Sentsho, CEO of the Ayana Group focuses on men on the ground rather than overseeing the whole operations from digital platforms and urges to invest in the local communities while advancing in the remote areas.

DRC Mining Week, organized by Clarion Events Africa, a leading Cape Town-based and multi-award-winning organizer of exhibitions and conferences across the continent in the infrastructure, energy and mining sectors. Other well-known events by Clarion Events Africa include Enlist Africa (formerly African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa), Africa Mining Forum, Nigeria Mining Week, Future Energy East Africa and Future Energy Nigeria. The company is part of the UK-based Clarion Events Group.