Making The Smart Home Experience Accessible To All

LG Addresses Growing Demand for Intuitive Experiences via Evolving ThinQ App

Being immersed in technology from an early age, Millennials and Gen Z are driving changes in smart home technology, ranging from greater convenience, to personalization and monitoring consumption habits.

Leading the smart home agenda, LG, via its ThinQ technology, is deploying machine learning and algorithms to optimize the user experience based on habits, interests and needs. Central to enabling this is the LG ThinQ app – an innovative tool which empowers users to operate their devices remotely from the convenience of their smartphones.

While Millennials and Gen Z are keen to embrace new technologies, the choice can often be overwhelming. Ultimately, younger demographics are interested in how a device or solution will have a positive impact on their lives – with affordability also playing a central role.

In order to address such requirements, LG seeks to enhance the smart home experience through several focus areas:

Creating Ultimate Convenience

If a user is returning home, an optimal climate can be created ahead of their arrival. Via the LG ThinQ app, users can switch on their air conditioning units remotely, selecting the preferred temperature to ensure a welcoming environment.

The app can also double up as a remote control, enabling TV functions which may range from touch controls for volume, channel changing and pausing, to even the viewing of a TV guide directly from the user’s mobile.

Keeping Users in the Know

If the refrigerator door is accidentally left open, users will receive an alert via the LG ThinQ app. The app can also display air quality and water filter modes, in addition to energy saving features. Similarly, when operating a washing machine, users need only consult LG ThinQ to see the remaining time on the washer cycle, in addition to watching their energy consumption habits.

With LG ThinQ’s Smart Diagnosis feature, users will receive tips and tricks to help prolong the life of their home appliances and electronics. Should intervention be required, the app can also be used to diagnose the issue, providing action points for the user to bring their device back up to speed with ease.

A Truly Personalized Experience

LG ThinQ aims to be in sync with who the user is and what they need. The same device can be used differently depending on who uses it – made possible by analyzing distinct product preferences and usage patterns to provide a personalized experience for each person. The LG ThinQ app elevates this a step further by leveraging data obtained by the appliance, to suggest recommendations to the user.

The ThinQ mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices via the Google Play and the App Store respectively.

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