What Is The Best Business To Start In Africa?

It is clear as day that Africa is a potential market for investors. The continent is full of natural resources, manpower, and many sectors that need development. Africa can be the most efficient place for entrepreneurs because it has a favorable atmosphere for startups. People all around Africa face various problems and need solutions to them. Startups can occupy them as opportunities. There are many success stories in Africa in recent times because entrepreneurs are focused on problem-solving rather than generate profit only. Let’s check out some African startups that are growing constantly.


The expansion of bogus medicine in some regions of Africa is a life-threatening issue. Fake medicines are often considered the silent killer in Africa. Each year, thousands of people die from using false medications like malaria pills. This is a big tragedy that inspired a group of people to form MedSaf. They turned a big problem into a great opportunity that is now saving thousands of lives. The mission of this Nigeria-based startup is to prevent face medicines from the market and providing genuine and high-quality medications at affordable prices. MedSaf works in quality control of medication that ensures hospitals and pharmacies for comfortable purchase. The company seems to be a revolution and the future of pharmaceutical procurement in Africa.


Food delivery appears to be a very competitive market worldwide. To survive in such busy sectors, you need to be special that differentiates you from others. Ordera, an Egyptian-based food delivery startup got the point so well. Their app is designed with unique and user-friendly features that assist in retaining their customers for a long while. Using their services, customers are able to pick up their orders within a half minute. They provide a “delivered to car” facility as well. The customers get points and free credits during each order and invite friends to this app. At a certain point, they surprise their customers with a regular gift for a memorable user engagement. The startup consists of a clean and engaging business model. That’s why their growth is highly visible in even Covid-19. Ordera has its own wallet system as a payment gateway. Besides, it accepts regular credit cards for maximizing facilities.


Fintech has a major contribution to the African economy. They are gradually reshaping the financial sector of this continent as the primary alternative to traditional banking. Mobile banking in Africa is well familiar. But, a big challenge for most African businesses is using international payment gateways. Eversend was born to solve such challenges. The company ensures fast money transfer facilities. It takes less than five minutes for mobile money and the same-day transaction for bank transfer. Eversend offers its own wallet facility called “Eversend wallet” which is a safe platform to send, store and manage your money. The platform secures your money and information using encryption technologies. Unfortunately, their services are still restricted in some African, European, and other countries.


The demand for safe and quality transportation is growing all over Africa. Though big brands like Uber are not available, local startups are trying hard to grasp the opportunity. SafeMotos is a Rwanda based motorcycle taxi service where motorbike accidents are a common scenario. The mission of this startup is not to generate profit only like traditional companies. SafeMotos wants to prevent road accidents in Rwanda as well. The company integrates all modern strategies in ride-sharing and involves experienced drivers to reduce the road accident rate. The company tracks driving behavior of their assigned drivers and many other issues including speed and GPS through apps. SafeMotos is already a noticeable growing startup in Rwanda with thousands of registered users.


Online hiring is not a new concept. But, when a startup’s mission is to fight against unemployment using mobile technology, the intention is admirable. Giraffe was founded with a mission of defending unemployment in Africa. They connect job seekers with low to medium skills and employers through a mobile platform. Giraffe ensures the best job candidates to be recruited. From the beginning, the startup was positively discussed, and still, it is one of the companies with constant growth in South Africa. 

Finally, Africa is full of natural and human resources which is a perfect atmosphere for a startup. The most essential thing is to have perfect planning and execution.

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