Clem Sunter and Wealth Migrate’s Scott Picken discuss scenario planning and its impact on the global and local property markets

Investors need to be aware of the red flags that bedeck the global economy and have the potential to derail the most careful preparation.

This is the dire warning from scenario planner Clem Sunter, who is also the author of The Mind of a Fox and Thinking the Future. Wealth Migrate CEO Picken interviewed Sunter about the red flags to watch out for when assessing potential risks and opportunities as part of a recent exclusive webinar.

The pre-recorded video of the webinar is now available and gives investors valuable insight into global and South African property investments as Sunter identifies the scenarios that could affect future investments. The webinar, which complements Sunter’s books, includes commentary from Picken, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry.

Today’s challenging economic climate demands close monitoring as change is often hard to predict, so this focus session for investors combining Sunter’s and Picken’s collective knowledge is full of valuable information.

For more information, view the webinar here.