3-Step marketing toolkit for regulated industries

Marketing professionals have always been creative problem solvers, and these skills need to be ramped up when operating in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, insurance and hospitality.

Stringent laws and regulations, not to mention lengthy approval processes, can seem like too many obstacles in the way of highly effective creative communication campaigns.

“Marketing in regulated industries shouldn’t feel stifled by rules and processes,” said Desirée Gullan, Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital. “It’s an opportunity to flex your creative problem-solving skills in a smart and disciplined manner.”

Here are three steps to help you reach your audience in regulated industries.

1. Plan ahead

Due to long approval processes and other due diligence matters, adhoc campaigns may not be possible. Smart, long-term planning that doesn’t feel forced, dated or irrelevant can get excellent results, and can help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes, and oversights.

2. Pull in the same direction

Your team need to be aware of what’s at risk with the smallest error or oversight. It’s also important to work in the same direction. Invest in training, and take the time to educate and oversee the process. This will prevent issues all the way from through the campaign planning to execution. Remember, the weakest link can cause the most damage.

3. Build trust and authority

In regulated industries, you don’t have the luxury of making big claims, even if you have the data to back it up. Focus on building trust and authority, which allows you to reach your audience organically and push them further down the sales funnel. Key opinion leaders can assist this by bolstering carefully curated ideas. Use thought leaders in your industry to build trust.

4. Tell authentic stories

Innovative, and relevant storytelling can set your brand apart from others, and give you the opportunity to really explode in reach, relevancy and engagement. Consumers tend to veer toward brands that have a story they can resonate with, especially in highly regulated industries.

“Craft every detail, from the way you tell a story, to the amount of planning you put in–it all comes together in the long term,” Gullan added. “With the right approach, discipline and experience, you can find success despite the circumstances. Now’s the time to reshape your strategy and pursue opportunities for growth.”

About DesiréeGullan   

Award-winning Co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, a full-service communications agency that specialises in highly regulated industries. Desirée Gullan has been pivotal in producing many breakthrough digital communications based on deep, strategic insights. From strategy to creative direction, Gullan drives her agency to produce outstanding work and results-driven campaigns that add value to G&G’s clients and their consumers.

About G&G   

G&G Digital is an award-winning digital agency that creates breakthrough solutions for local and international brands operating in highly-regulated industries. The team at G&G have a passion for producing quality, strategic communications solutions founded on deep consultation, strategic insights and data. G&G aims to surprise, delight and exceed clients’ expectations.      GULLANANDGULLAN.COM


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