Only 20% of companies reported not getting attacked in 2021 compared to 32% in 2020

Acronis, the global leader in cyber protection, has released its annual Cyber Readiness Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the modern cybersecurity landscape and the key pain points faced by businesses and remote employees worldwide amid the global pandemic. Acronis’ research from last year revealed more than 80% of global companies admitted they were not prepared to transition to remote work – exposing key vulnerabilities businesses must quickly plan and implement solutions for.

Based on findings from this year’s independent survey of 3,600 IT managers and remote employees at small and medium-sized companies in 18 countries across the globe, including the South Africa.

The report states that 53% of global companies have a false sense of security when it comes to supply chain attacks. Despite the globally recognized attacks on trusted software vendors, like Kaseya or SolarWinds, over half of IT leaders believe that using “known, trusted software” is sufficient protection – making them an easy target.

Important statistics to highlight from the report

  • Instructing remote employees is still a top issue for 68% of companies in both UAE and Singapore
  • Employees in UAE face phishing attacks most often –  23% report receiving over 20 phishing emails per month.
  • 45.5% of employees in the UAE purchased multiple new devices since the pandemic began
  • 3 out of 10 companies report facing a cyberattack at least once a day
  • Nearly half of IT managers (47%) are not using multi-factor authentication solutions
  • Malware attacks increasing in 2021: making up to 36.5% in comparison to 22.2% in 2020.
To download the full report click here.