Growing Africa’s Next Generation of Unicorns

In 2020 and 2021, the African continent spawned more unicorns than ever before with at least eight companies now being valued at more than one billion dollars by investors. To keep the momentum going in 2022, Pranary (formerly Startup Circles), will be kicking off its Business Growth Week from Monday, the 15th of November 2021. This is a free masterclass series aimed at Pan-African entrepreneurs looking to accelerate the growth of existing businesses that are already generating revenue.

Taking place one hour a day over five days, the industry-agnostic masterclass series will see experts from an array of spheres educating attendees on business growth strategies, cutting-edge approaches to marketing and sales, as well as modern tech platforms to support their strategies and systems for growth and sustainability. These experts will include investors from Enygma Ventures who are also founders that have grown their own startups to the million-dollar mark and exited, as well as founders who have built successful businesses.

The event will see the unveiling of the Nine Step Business Growth System which will help entrepreneurs to scale up their revenue within one year while also freeing up their time. The nine steps focus on vision; revenue; product; market; marketing; sales; team; execution and accountability.

In addition to the masterclass series, Pranary offers several practical short courses to help businesses succeed and grow. These include the Founders Circle coaching programme, which is designed to help early-stage businesses grow their sales fast through marketing and sales support; and How to Pitch to Investors, a short programme that enables founders to prepare and present a compelling pitch.

Pranary CEO and Founder, Sandras Phiri, explains that unlike its predecessor, Startup Circles, Pranary focuses on later-stage startups. “We have found that there is a great deal of support out there for idea- and early-stage startups but this dwindles when they reach a certain stage where they just don’t get enough support to grow in order to be scalable, as well as investable. Pranary is the practical business school for these entrepreneurs. Pranary stems from the word prana, which means lifeforce in Sanskrit so it’s the place where companies get given the lifeforce to grow big.”

He notes that part of that growth entails helping entrepreneurs to raise money. “For this reason, not only are they taught by founders and investors, but we connect them with a network of investors looking to invest.”

“Our ultimate aim is to help companies to make a massive impact because we believe that great businesses are the ones that actually change people’s lives, create jobs and transform economies,” concludes Phiri.

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