Water-Saving Toilet Manufacturer Propelair® Advances With New Partner In Key South African Market

 Propelair®, the UK designer and manufacturer of the world’s lowest-water-flush toilet, is making big strides in South Africa as the country continues to urge organisations to conserve water and use it more efficiently, reduce carbon emissions and promote hygiene.

Having launched in South Africa in 2019, Propelair has now entered into a distribution agreement with Amalooloo, a South African provider of high-quality, sustainable sanitation solutions, which will supply Propelair toilets throughout the country.

Water-saving toilet manufacturer Propelair®

Propelair uses an air-powered flush that requires only 1.5 litres of water per flush – a fraction of typical current volumes of six to nine litres in standard toilets. Pretoria-based Amalooloo’s core business focuses on bringing innovation and improved sanitation to rural households and schools in South Africa and the rest of the continent. Amalooloo also has commercial contracts with big organisations in cities. It wants to bring the Propelair system to both rural areas and commercial premises.

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said: “South Africa is moving gradually back to normality and through our partnership with Amalooloo, we’re helping organisations build a sustainable, hygienic future for their customers, employees and others, while saving money and conserving precious water.”

Lumar Fourie, Director, Amalooloo, said: “As a company committed to improving the quality of life in South Africa and in communities around the world – we’re delighted to team up with Propelair to deliver their excellent technology.”

Water-stressed South Africa is committed to preserving its precious resources through the National Water Resources Strategy NWRS2, to ensure sustainable supply and equitable development. The Government also aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition to environmental emergencies, the country has struggled with COVID-19 and a scarcity of vaccines, presenting major health and social challenges.

Propelair believes hygiene and sustainability should be addressed together as toilets pose a big potential health risk and use more water than any other comparable appliance. Its air-powered flush uses about 84% less water and is so efficient that all waste is removed in a single flush – taking away up to 99.9% of germs from inside the pan, with no flowback of previous users’ germs. The toilet also prevents more germs being sprayed into the air when flushing, eliminating up to 95% of airborne germs, while standard toilets can reach up to 80%.

By using less water, organisations reduce their carbon footprint as well – by an average 81% per toilet with Propelair as it uses up to 80% less energy for water and waste processing.

The system has been well received in South Africa and is used there by Nedbank, Burger King, Siemens and several shopping malls. In October, Propelair met several more sustainability-conscious organisations at the Green Building Convention in Cape Town and joined the  Green Building Council of South Africa to promote sustainability in the country.

With local quality accreditations and numerous customers, Propelair is the toilet of choice for businesses looking to implement cost-effective, sustainable strategies to save water.