Are Brick Houses a Good Investment in South Africa?

Clay bricks are created using the same formula that has been used to build many famous structures. They are a long-lasting, visually beautiful construction material that works effectively over time. 

The final combination of raw materials provides clay brick its particular features, such as sturdiness, resilience, dimensional stability, and durability, as well as fire and weather resistance. If you’re considering building or buying a brick house in South Africa, it’s well worth the investment. 

Benefits of Brick Houses

Clay brick houses are constantly in demand since they don’t decay and practically always look like new. These are the main features that homeowners appreciate when it’s time to sell. 

Clay brick is the preferred building material in the construction of new homes due to its appeal and many benefits, including the following:


Clay bricks are also considered to have a low environmental impact. Many in South Africa gather the clay on their land to reduce energy usage and the environmental impact on the soil as part of their environmental commitment. 


Brickworks Property Restoration believes that brick is one of the lowest maintenance materials available. After a clay brick structure is constructed, it requires very little care. 

Rainstorms that discolor concrete will simply clean brickwork, since brick does not change color in the rain and dries rapidly. It’s easy to clean with a pressure washer or hot water and a bristled brush. 

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

Clay brick’s inherent insulating capabilities contribute greatly to a building’s life cycle, in addition to safeguarding the environment with some of the lowest levels of carbon emissions. 

Clay brick absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night, minimizing the need for artificial heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Its ability to absorb heat is so beneficial that clay brick has replaced concrete in many homes and commercial construction projects.

History of Brick in South Africa 

Clay brick houses may be found all across South Africa, contributing to its architectural history. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, is the country’s oldest surviving structure: the Castle of Good Hope. It was erected between 1666 and 1684 and has survived the Cape of Storms for nearly three centuries.

Clay bricks were first produced in South Africa in 1656, and this unrivaled construction material has since been utilized to withstand scorching heat, heavy rain, hail, frost, and lightning storms. 

Many locations in the Western and Eastern Cape attest to its capacity to withstand even the worst weather conditions. Green Point Lighthouse, which dates from 1824 and is located between Sea Point and the Waterfront, is one such landmark. It was the first brick-built lighthouse in South Africa.