3 Things to Consider When Opening a Medical Practice in Africa

People living in the African continent have traditionally had limited access to modern resources, including quality medical care. This has led dozens of talented medical professionals to uproot and open their very own medical practice in the heart of Africa. While this is a noble pursuit, relocating to an entirely new continent can be a logistical nightmare without proper preparation.

If you are considering following suit and opening a medical practice in Africa, you must get your affairs in order first. To help you get your practice up and running sooner, medical professionals like those at ThriveMD have created this list of three things you must consider before making your big move.  

1. Develop a Comprehensive Plan

As with any other new venture, you should prepare for your relocation by creating a comprehensive plan. You should determine where you want to open a practice, when you want to have it up and running, and how to generate an income to keep your doors open.

In addition, your plan should detail what services you will provide. Do you intend to offer general medical care or more specialized treatment options to deal with a regional health crisis? How do you plan on notifying the residents of your business? 

Once you have answered these core questions, it is time to get your finances in order. Determine how much opening your own office will cost and begin accumulating the requisite funds. Ensure that you keep enough money in reserves to maintain operations until your business becomes profitable.

2. Understand the Legal Requirements

Legal requirements for care providers vary significantly from state to state. These variations are even more significant when relocating to an entirely new country. The last thing you want to encounter is legal troubles in a place thousands of miles from home. 

Therefore, you must conduct thorough research regarding the legal requirements of the nation that you plan to operate within. You will likely have to register with a local health professionals council or other governing body. Fortunately, you should be able to complete this process remotely. 

3. Decide If You Want to Lease or Buy

Next, you should decide whether to lease your medical office or purchase a facility. Each option has its share of benefits and drawbacks, so you will need to carefully determine which choice is a better fit for your goals. 

Finally, you will need to acquire the proper insurance to practice medicine in Africa. You will also need to obtain some sort of business insurance to protect your office space in the event of damage or equipment theft. 

Once you have addressed all of these concerns, you are ready to book your plane ticket and get to work helping those in need.

By Paul Tom