Is your building energy efficient? Tsebo Energy Management can give you the data you need to find out

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The ongoing issues surrounding electricity supply in South Africa – not to mention climate-related discussions around the viability of the energy sector in general – has many businesses and building owners reconsidering whether those precious kWh units are going to waste unnecessarily.

And just in case the obvious waste of money and energy that bad management represents wasn’t enough to get you wondering about your own use, it’s about to become law in South Africa as far as public spaces are concerned.

South Africa is under immense pressure to not only stabilise our electricity supply, but also to alleviate our reliance on outmoded forms of energy generation – particularly coal, which is the source of 90% of our electrical power generation. And while not many would argue that becoming more sustainable consumers is the right thing to do, the main reason that so many businesses and property owners are doing so remains the cost. South African energy prices have increased by around 200% over the last three years – a trend that is predicted to only be likely to continue for the next several years at least.

Additionally, getting smarter about energy management is soon to become law.

Complying with the law

In December 2022, new legislation is set to mandate every public and privately owned building with a floor area of more than 1,000 square metres (public) and 2,000 square metres (private) will need to display an Energy Performance Certificate. The new rule will apply to all buildings that fall under occupancy class A1, A2, A3 and G1, encompassing entertainment facilities, theatres and indoor sports facilities, universities and schools, as well as office buildings.

Doing better starts with knowing better, right? So it only makes sense that reducing energy consumption or streamlining use to new levels of efficiency can only begin with a clear picture of current use and current waste.

Operations and the use of energy

Energy – and its wise management – can drive your business forward or weigh it down with unnecessary expense. “Over the years in operation, Tsebo Energy Solutions has built a large client base by delivering on their promise of consumption intelligence, allowing property owners and business owners to make informed decisions about their operations and their energy use,” says Aubrey Mc Elnea, Divisional CEO, Tsebo.

  • Remote Metering ensures you have a clear, detailed and current understanding of your current usage
  • Utility-bill verification double-checks that your bills are accurate and enables interventions with local municipalities where necessary
  • Online Energy reporting allows access to a host of energy management resources and up to date reporting, conveniently via app. Clients can also request input from qualified engineers if they should have any questions
  • Up to date carbon reporting allows you to judge your properties’ carbon footprint and make the move toward more sustainable practices. Tsebo Energy is also able to offer project management services where energy-mix projects are required.
  •    Commercial and residential buildings can take advantage of convenient tenant billing and recovery services.

“While the need for compliance serves a greater purpose setting in motion mechanisms to conserve energy for our children and future generations, it also supports our business imperatives by ensuring that energy is an enabler and not a dis-enabler. Tsebo Energy Solutions provides the tools and solutions to simplify high complex energy challenges for our clients,” concludes Aubrey Mc Elnea, Divisional CEO, Tsebo