Practical Action announces collaboration to raise new finance for climate and water resilient cities in Africa

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Rwanda highlighted the degree to which urbanization will be one of the most significant changes we face in the coming 10-20 years. The Commonwealth’s 54 countries will account for half of all growth in cities by 2050. Cities already account for 70% of all global carbon emissions, and the majority are dealing with the effects of climate change. There is an urgent need to ensure that urbanization is sustainable, dramatically lowers carbon, meets the basic needs of all its residents, and offers opportunities for everyone to thrive.

This is the challenge that the collaboration between Practical Action, WRI, WaterAid, and the Prince’s Foundation is seeking to address. At #CHOGM2022, we announced our commitment to working together on Climate and Water Resilient Cities in Africa to accelerate action and mobilize more resources behind this crucial agenda. This is a practical expression of the Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation in the Commonwealth. Together we are committed to raising new finance, sharing our learning, and working together to scale up action. Throughout the week, a range of sessions explored these issues. In the final communique (para 105), the Heads reiterated their commitment under SDG 11 to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, and resilient. To this end, they adopted a separate Declaration on Sustainable Urbanisation where they agreed, among other points, to “Support cities, municipalities, and other urban authorities to mobilize resources to develop comprehensive, scalable programs to address key challenges of sustainable urbanization and build climate resilience to reduce risk and vulnerability”.

“These Declarations provide the guiding framework for the work of the Commonwealth over the coming period” as confirmed by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Scotland, during the closing press conference.

To find out more about the collaboration, please click here: New opportunity to help billions of city residents cope with climate change – Practical Action